• Which Games Are on Your Radar?
  • Which Games Are on Your Radar?

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    Which Games Are on Your Radar?

    Not necessarily for E3, but which game releases are on your radar for the next 1-2 years? Perhaps their release isn't confirmed in that window just yet, but that's fine. We are just listing what we're hyped about here.
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    My list to kick things off:

    Root Letter 2
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    This one is a visual novel/mystery game. I enjoyed the plot of the first one and the story did surprise me several times. The game itself messes with you just a little bit, in sort of a Doki Doki Literature Club or Metal Gear Psycho Mantis sort of way. The main draw for me was the rural 1990's Japanese setting. I enjoyed it so much so that I took a 7 hour train ride in Japan to go visit the town where this game takes place. The game was developed in conjunction with the tourism board of Shimane prefecture, Japan.

    Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III
    Great game for those of you who like a persistent story and top-of-the-line world building. The games all take place in the same world and events from one game affect the others in the series, it's really intricate and well done. This video sums it up pretty well, the stuff you want starts at 5:25 :

    Shenmue 3
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    If y'all don't know Shenmue, then I don't know what to say.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake
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    Praey For the Gods
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    Shadow of the Colossus ripoff, but I don't care. I still want it.

    That's pretty much it for this year, as I'm spending most of my time playing through my backlog.
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    I would say Resident Evil 2, but that was already released four months ago. It was worth every moment of the wait, however.

    Other than that, nothing much has really caught my eye. There's the C&C95/RA95 remasters which will either be brilliant remakes or dogshit reimaginings, and Doom Eternal is on the horizon. Doom 4 (yes I'm still calling it that) was worth the pennies so I can't see why Eternal wouldn't be.

    Unless Bethesda does a Fallout 76 with the Doom brand.

    That's about it. New versions of games I haven't stopped playing since their release 20+ years ago.
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    Doom Eternal is probably the big one I'm looking forward to. I loved the shit out of Doom 2016 and Eternal is looking to be an even better experience. I just want E3 to get here so that we can finally learn when the damn thing comes out.

    Speaking of first person shooters, there is a game in the works called Wrath: Aeon of Ruin. It's a retro styled FPS that is being made by Quake mapmakers and it's looking really cool so far.

    I'm also want to check out Nioh 2. There was a closed alpha for it that got announced not too long ago and it got me in the mode to replay the original. I really enjoyed the first one and from the details I've been hearing about the sequel, it's gearing up to being as good as the first.

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