• I hate the designs of the new Pokemon...
  • I hate the designs of the new Pokemon...

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    I hate the designs of the new Pokemon...

    I am not getting Pokemon Sword or Shield. Not just because of the designs, other issues factor in but the designs themselves... I am not a fan.

    I looked through them all and I find a few of them to look okay but most of them don't even make me think of Pokemon. I feel like this is some generic Chinese version of Pokemon.

    Anyone else feel this way?

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    I haven't bought or played a Pokémon game in the better part of 2 decades, so I don't know much about the newer games, but frankly I've found the designs ugly since the GBA days. It seems like they just ran out of ideas after a few years and started creating dumb, over-exaggerated Pokemon that lost the simplistic charm of the originals. The choice to move away from the hand drawn art style to the flat, computer-generated look was also a poor decision from an artistic perspective.

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    I've known what it's like to be a diehard Pokémon fan. Er, that is, when I was eleven years old in 2000 and got Pokémon Blue! My save file had over 600 hours (I already told the story about how a friend erased it—I was pissed) so I got to know the game pretty well. The thing is, even though there were a good number of changes in Pokémon Gold and Silver and there was a slight leaning curve even for those who played the originals, I haven't seen any real innovations.

    Despite being a big Pokémon fan for about two years and believing my interest wouldn't dwindle... it did, and the only time I've bought a Pokémon game since (aside from as a present for my niece/nephew) is Pokémon Pearl in 2007 because my girlfriend at the time wanted me to. (She had Diamond.) I'd say I enjoyed the game but the formula was nearly entirely unchanged. I see that a lot of Pokémon fans are extremely stubborn and don't want the games changing or innovating. They got very pissy about how they now weren't able to continue transferring their Pokémon between games—a feature they started using two decades ago and expect to be intact.

    I can still remember most of the original 151 Pokémon. The Gold/Silver ones? Not so much, but some. There's now, what, nearly a thousand Pokémon? This is one of the main reasons I lost interest in the series. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep track. And like you both say, the designs are often absurd.

    The fact they literally copied models from considerably old Pokémon games for Sword and Shield is testament to how Pokémon is the same old shit, different year.
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