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    Mantis' Gaming Journey

    This is my way of tracking my game progress and managing my backlog, and maybe you can help out with that with your recommendations. Obviously I'm only counting progress from now onward. In some cases I've already played games but it must have been at least a few years since I last completed a game before a replay. Current progress:

    2021: Completed Games
    This needs to be renewed: Please wait!

    In-Progress Individual Games
       80% Chrono Trigger

       10% Half-Life VR

       80% Hang-On

       90% Streets of Rage 4

       36% SWAT Elite Force

    In-Progress Game Series
       36% Halo

    No confirmation of Halo 5, Halo Wars 2 or Halo Infinite coming to Steam yet. This is for Reach, 1-4 and ODST after 3 as well as Halo Wars. Reach and 1 completed. Awaiting a co-op playthrough of Halo 2 with Starwind55.

       40% Mirror's Edge

    Currently near the end of the original Mirror's Edge.

       93% Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

    At the final case of the third game. Will continue Ace Attorney when Capcom inevitably releases more titles on Steam.

       20% Shenmue

    Most of the way through the first game.

    I will choose the next games from the below gargantuan list. (You have been warned.) I may have missed some good ones but this should be a great starting point for me.

    The list!
    Game / Game Series How Long to Beat Played Already? Notes
    A Hat in Time 9 Hours No
    ABZU 2 Hours No
    Ace Attorney (Series) 200+ Hours Yes The trilogy is already beaten. Time is for everything else. Layton excluded.
    Advance Wars (Series) 87 Hours Yes Beaten, but it was well over a decade ago and could use a replay.
    Alan Wake 17 Hours Yes Last beaten over a decade ago.
    Alex Kidd (Series) 6 Hours Yes Only some of Miracle World played beforehand. Difficult games so could take a bit longer than said.
    Alien Trilogy 7 Hours No
    Alien vs. Predator (Series) 44 Hours Yes All games of the series, including arcade and console. Only AvP 1/2 for PC played before, to be replayed.
    Alien: Isolation 19 Hours Yes Played before, but very briefly.
    Aliens: Colonial Marines 7 Hours No
    Alundra (Series) 52 Hours No
    Amnesia (Series) 30 Hours No
    Another World 2.5 Hours Yes Played a very long time ago, may not have been beaten.
    Aquaria 16 Hours No
    Assassin's Creed (Series) 310+ Hours No Extremely long, might only play the main games.
    Aviary Attorney 4.5 Hours No
    Batman: Arkham (Series) 54 Hours No
    Bayonetta 11.5 Hours No
    BioShock (Series) 35 Hours Yes Some of the original BioShock played long ago.
    Blasphemous 13 Hours No
    BlazBlue (Series) 38 Hours No Only three of the games currently owned.
    Bleed (Series) 2.5 Hours Yes Original Bleed played in the past, Bleed 2 unplayed.
    Bully: Scholarship Edition 14 Hours No
    CLANNAD 63.5 Hours No
    Castle Crashers 7 Hours Yes Completed over a decade ago.
    Castle of Illusion (Both) 4.5 Hours No I will compare the Mega Drive original with the remaster.
    Cave Story+ 6.5 Hours No
    Cherry Tree (Series) 5.5 Hours Yes Original game completed close to a decade ago.
    Chrono Cross 37 Hours No I'll drop if it doesn't come close to Chrono Trigger's standards.
    Chu Chu Rocket 2.5 Hours Yes Just for fun, it was my first Dreamcast game.
    Comix Zone 2 Hours Yes Pain in the ass so I never got far. Two hours is optimistic.
    Condemned 7 Hours Yes Last completed probably over a decade ago.
    Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy 15 Hours No
    Cuphead 10 Hours Yes Played for a few hours years back.
    Cyberpunk 2077 22 Hours No Probably won't buy this until the end of the year.
    D2 8 Hours No
    DUSK 7.5 Hours Yes Played a few hours previously.
    Dandara 6.5 Hours No
    Danganronpa (Series) 114 Hours Yes Original completed before. Only played some of second game. All four games.
    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic 10 Hours Yes Probably last played around fifteen years ago.
    Dark Souls (Series) 119 Hours No
    Dead Space (Series) 32.5 Hours Yes Played the first few hours of the original game way back on Xbox 360.
    Dead or Alive (Series) 14.5 Hours No Mainline games.
    Deponia: The Complete Journey 27 Hours Yes Original game played (possibly completed) very long ago.
    Deus Ex (Series) 70 Hours No
    Devil May Cry (Series) 58.5 Hours Yes Played the first two games a little at a younger age.
    Diddy Kong Racing 13.5 Hours Yes Completed a very long time ago.
    Die Hard Arcade 45 Minutes No
    Die Hard Trilogy 8.5 Hours Yes Very vague memories of playing this on PS1.
    Dino Crisis (Series) 19 Hours No
    Doom (Series) 43.5 Hours Yes Original two games beaten many times, this is everything else including Doom 64.
    Duke Nukem (Series) 57 Hours Yes Duke Nukem 3D and a couple others played beforehand. This playthrough is the full monty.
    Dying Light 17.5 Hours No
    Dynamite Cop 1 Hour Yes Played hack on Dreamcast, planned to play right after Die Hard Arcade, maybe co-op.
    Earthworm Jim (Series) 18.5 Hours Yes Played Mega Drive games as a kid. Fourth game may come to PC in the ffuture.
    Eliza 5.5 Hours No
    Emily is Away <3 5 Hours No First two games completed earlier this year.
    F-Zero (Series) 28.5 Hours Yes Played original and X in the past.
    F.E.A.R. (Series) 31 Hours Yes First game beaten long ago. This will include expansion packs.
    Fallout (Series) 158.5 Hours Yes Fallout 3 completed over a decade ago. This includes all except Shelter and Brotherhood of Steel.
    Far Cry (Series) 112 Hours Yes Far Cry and Far Cry 3 previously completed.
    Fear Effect (Series) 21.5 Hours Yes Played original but very briefly.
    Final Fantasy (Series) 491 Hours Yes Mainline games. Some done already, so this is what remains. Even includes X-II and XIII, god forbid.
    Final Fantasy Tactics 39.5 Hours No
    Fire Emblem (Series) No Idea Yes I still need to determine what's worth playing.
    Firewatch 4 Hours Yes Played for a couple of hours years ago.
    Flashback 6 Hours Yes Small amounts played as child.
    Full Spectrum Warrior (Series) 19.5 Hours Yes Original played on Xbox way back.
    Garfield Kart 1 Hour No Looks aight.
    Gex (Series) 22 Hours Yes Completed these as a kid, but have an itch to replay.
    Ghostbusters: The Video Game 8 Hours No
    GoldenEye 64 9.5 Hours Yes Already replayed a lot of the XBLA port but will continue.
    Grand Theft Auto IV 28 Hours Yes Played most of long ago.
    Grand Theft Auto V 31.5 Hours Yes Played a handful of hours years ago.
    Grandia (Series) 167 Hours Yes Previously played first two. Might remove last two games but keeping Game Boy game in this.
    Grim Fandango 11 Hours No
    Gunstar (Series) 4 Hours Yes Played original several times but not the sequel.
    Half-Life (Series) 56 Hours Yes Never played HL2: Episodes 1/2, Black Mesa or Alyx. Swapping Half-Life 1 main with Black Mesa, keeping expansions.
    Halo (Series) 40 Hours Yes Excluding CE/2. Without a way to play currently, Halo 5 and Wars 2 are excluded.
    Hang-On 37 Minutes Yes Takes a lot longer than that for a newcomer! Playing this through Shenmue.
    Hatred 3 Hours No
    Heart Forth, Alicia N/A No Placeholder, game not released yet.
    Heart of Darkness 5 Hours Yes Played as kid but didn't nearly beat.
    Hitman (Series) 77.7 Hours Yes Only real experience is with Blood Money.
    Hollow Knight 26 Hours No
    Hotline Miami (Series) 14 Hours No
    House Party 6.5 Hours No
    HuniePop (Series) 24.5 Hours Yes Completed original long ago.
    Hyperdimension Neptunia (Series) 107.5 Hours No
    I am Bread 2.5 Hours No
    If My Heart Had Wings 20.5 Hours Yes "Played" for a few hours in the past.
    Ikaruga 1.5 Hours No
    Illusion of Time 13 Hours Yes Played but not completed as a child.
    Jade Empire 16.5 Hours Yes Completed on Xbox around fifteen years ago.
    Jet Set Radio Future 11.5 Hours Yes Played but not completed.
    Joe Danger (Series) 8 Hours No
    Just Cause (Series) 60 Hours Yes Finished the first game, played little bits of the second.
    Killer Instinct (Series) 5 Hours No
    Killing Floor (Series) 37.5 Hours No
    King of Fighters (Series) 24 Hours Yes King of Fighters '98 played in the past.
    Klonoa 5 Hours No Remake for Wii.
    Kung Fury: Street Rage 2.5 Hours No
    Late Shift 3 Hours Yes Completed, but enjoyed it so much I want to return. I can plan other FMV games to play afterwards.
    Leisure Suit Larry (Series) 50.5 Hours No This series is high-priority.
    Life is Strange 14 Hours No
    Lost Odyssey 50.5 Hours Yes Completed back on Xbox 360, excellent game.
    Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter 13 Hours Yes Unpopular FPS I enjoyed on Xbox.
    Manhunt 11.5 Hours No
    Mario Party (Series) N/A Yes Played originals. Since this would take too long I want to play at least one match of each game.
    Mass Effect (Series) 85 Hours Yes Got close to finishing original a decade ago.
    Max Payne (Series) 24.5 Hours Yes Finished first two games on Xbox.
    Maximum Action 1 Hour No
    Metal Gear (Series) 213 Hours Yes Has everything, including Raiden and Acid.
    Metal Slug (Series) 15.5 Hours Yes Skipping the mobile games.
    Metro (Series) 35 Hours Yes Played a few hours of the original.
    Metroid (Series) 22 Hours No Metroid Prime not included.
    Micro Machines (Series) 22 Hours Yes
    Middle-Earth (Series) 36 Hours No The two recent games.
    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst 8.5 Hours No
    Monkey Island (Series) 46.5 Hours Yes Played a lot of the original long ago.
    Mortal Kombat (Series) 66 Hours Yes
    N++ 26.5 Hours No
    NiGHTS into Dreams 3 Hours No Includes bonus Christmas gameplay.
    Night Trap 2 Hours No
    Noitu Love (Series) 5 Hours No
    Oddworld (Series) 51 Hours Yes Original two swapped with remakes.
    Okami 33.5 Hours No
    Orwell 4.5 Hours No
    Out Run (Series) 1 Hour Yes
    Outlast (Series) 12.5 Hours No First two games.
    Owlboy 8 Hours No
    PaRappa the Rapper 1.5 Hours No
    Pac-Man Championship Edition DX 4 Hours Yes Had on Xbox 360.
    Party Hard 6 Hours No
    Pen Pen Trilcelon 2 Hours Yes A favourite on Dreamcast.
    Perfect Dark (Series) 17 Hours Yes
    Persona (Series) 330 Hours No
    Phantom Brave 42 Hours No
    Pilotwings 6.5 Hours Yes
    Pixel Cup Soccer 2017 Unknown No
    Plague Inc. Evolved 3 Hours No
    Point Blank (Series) 6 Hours Yes From old PS1 days, will be mostly be played with virtual light gun in VR.
    Pokémon LeafGreen 30 Hours No As an alternative to replaying Blue.
    Pokémon Snap 4 Hours Yes
    Pokémon Stadium 11 Hours Yes
    Pool Nation 10 Hours Yes Used to play with friend online, will enjoy trying single player.
    Power Stone (Series) 5 Hours Yes Will be emulating the Vita port.
    Prey (Both) 23.5 Hours Yes Playing newest (2017) Prey first. Played some of original Prey at the time, didn't think much of it then.
    Prince of Persia (Series) 52.5 Hours Yes
    Punch Club 10 Hours No
    Rage Racer 9 Hours Yes Favourite PS1 racing game which needs a replay!
    Ready 2 Rumble (Series) 6.5 Hours Yes We don't talk about the third game.
    Red Dead (Series) 73.5 Hours Yes Not played Revolver yet. Played a lot of Redemption back on the 360, not playing Redemption 2. Redemption will be emulated with Xenia.
    Red Faction 6 Hours Yes Played but didn't complete on PS2.
    Remember Me 10 Hours Yes Played this gem back on the 360.
    Resident Evil (Series) 135+ Hours Yes Resi 0 and 1 will be their HD remasters, 2 and 3 their remakes. Rest is as usual. Resident Evil 1.5 is also planned.
    Road Rash (3DO) 7 Hours Yes A true highlight of the 3DO.
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (Series) 45 Hours No
    Soma 9 Hours No
    STEINS;GATE 26 Hours No
    SUPERHOT 2.5 Hours No
    SWAT: Elite Force 20+ Hours Yes This is in-progress but has been stalled for some time.
    Sega Bass Fishing 1 Hour No
    Shadow Complex Remastered 4.5 Hours Yes
    Silent Hill (Series) 50 Hours Yes Played the original game and The Room.
    Simulacra (Series) 9 Hours No
    Singularity 7 Hours No
    Skies of Arcadia Legends 41.5 Hours Yes Hadn't played the Legends update, only Dreamcast original.
    Sleeping Dogs 15 Hours Yes
    Slipstream 1 Hour No
    Snuggle Truck Unknown Yes I remember this as a Flash game originally.
    Sonic Generations 5.5 Hours No
    Sonic Racing (Series) 24 Hours Yes The two All-Stars games, Sonic Racing, and let's not forget the star of this selection: Sonic R.
    Soul (Series) 20 Hours Yes I previously played Soul Edge, Soulcalibur and Soulcalibur II.
    Space Channel 5 (Series) 4.5 Hours No
    Sparkster 1 Hour No I loved Rocket Knight Adventures on the Mega Drive but never knew about its sequel on the SNES due to the western name omitting "Rocket Knight".
    Splinter Cell (Series) 66 Hours Yes Thoroughly enjoyed Chaos Theory on Xbox.
    Spyro Reignited Trilogy 17 Hours No I used to think Spyro was for girls.
    Star Ocean (Series) 164 Hours No
    Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Korea! 4 Hours No
    Subnautica 28 Hours No
    Suguri (Series) 3 Hours Yes
    Sunset Riders 1.5 Hours Yes Used to play as a young boy but didn't complete.
    Super Indie Karts Unknown No
    Super Mario Brothers (Series) 44 Hours Yes This will be the SMB and NSMB games.
    Super Meat Boy 10 Hours Yes Completed on 360 long ago. Keeping it around in case I feel masochistic..
    Super Monkey Ball (Series) 21 Hours Yes Enjoyed on GameCube, Xbox and DS. It'd be nice to return.
    Super Smash Bros. (Series) 125 Hours Yes I'd want to get some extras in these as that's most of the fun of it.
    Surgeon Simulator 3 Hours No
    Syberia (Series) 30 Hours No
    System Shock (Series) 27 Hours No I might change my plans for the first game based on how the reboot is.
    TES V: Skyrim 33.5 Hours Yes Somehow I never got more than around five hours into Skyrim. I liked Oblivion so much more.
    TMNT (Beat-'Em-Ups) 3 Hours Yes Games on the SNES, Mega Drive and arcade. Online co-op would be fun preparation for the new Shredder's Revenge.
    Tales (Series) 330 Hours Yes I played some of Vesperia on the 360 but that's it. Damn, this looks HUEG.
    Tekken (Series) 110 Hours Yes Tekken is a special case. I want to unlock most of the secrets so this has a longer time. Most of my experience is with the PS1 games.
    The Chronicles of Riddick (Series) 17 Hours Yes I've completed Escape from Butcher Bay a couple of times, but I didn't get far into Assault on Dark Athena.
    The Darkness (Series) 15 Hours Yes
    The Evil Within 15.5 Hours No
    The Last Remnant 61 Hours Yes I played this on the 360 but remember finding it a bit mediocre. I might not have given it much of a chance, so I'll give it another.
    The Stanley Parable 1.5 Hours No
    The Turing Test 5 Hours No
    The Typing of the Dead: Overkill 4 Hours Yes
    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 4 Hours No
    The Witcher (Series) 110 Hours No
    Tick Tock Isle 1.5 Hours No
    Time Crisis (Series) 9 Hours Yes Some memories playing these at the arcades. I'll be playing this series in VR.
    ToeJam & Earl (Series) 18 Hours Yes Admittedly I only really focused on the second game on the Mega Drive, but this is a series I really wanted to get to.
    Tokyo Dark 5 Hours No
    Tomb Raider (Reboot) 11.5 Hours Yes I played a fair amount of this around seven years back.
    Tomb Raider (Rise of The) 12.5 Hours No
    Tomb Raider (Shadow of The) 13.5 Hours No
    Tony Hawk's (Series) 66 Hours Yes Remake/reboot replaces 1/2, followed by the rest.
    Trauma Center (Series) 38.5 Hours Yes Seriously enjoyed the first game around fifteen years ago and want to play them all.
    Turok (Series) 18 Hours Yes Only interested in the first two games at the moment.
    Urban Chaos 14.5 Hours Yes A Dreamcast GTA III before GTA III, long time no play.
    Valkyria Chronicles 30.5 Hours No
    Wargroove 20 Hours No
    WarioWare (Series) 20 Hours Yes
    Watch Dogs (Series) 56 Hours Yes Got partway into the first game, enjoyed it.
    X-COM (Series) 100 Hours No I've already played more than enough of the originals, so I'm finally trying the modern games.
    XIII 8.5 Hours Yes The original, not the abysmal reboot.
    Yakuza (Series) 210 Hours No
    Yoshi's Island (Series) 26 Hours Yes Completed the original and Yodhi's Story long ago. This included the handheld entries.
    Ys (Series) 131.5 Hours No
    Zelda: Breath of the Wild 50 Hours No
    Zelda: Twilight Princess 35 Hours Yes Played most of this on the Wii way back.
    Zelda: Wind Waker 25.5 Hours Yes Played most of this beauty on the GameCube!
    Zero Escape (Series) 53 Hours Yes I played through around half of 999 and completed Virtue's Last Reward.

    Old thread
    The original is below the line.

    Games... games everywhere. I've got way too many games. This is mostly thanks to how economical Steam is. I have hundreds of games very well worth playing on Steam. When you combine that with all the acclaimed retro games I either never got to play or I'd like to play again out of nostalgia—that's one hell of a backlog.

    It's very overwhelming because I haven't played games all that often over the past few years. Maybe it's a boomer thing and I hate to say it, but part of me seems to have grown out of gaming. That's absolutely not what I want. I'd like to get back in the swing of it and conquer the backlog. (Or at least a good amount of it.)

    I decided that a good way to handle this is to instead of building an elaborate plan, to just dive in and pick one that seems good. When I complete a game (usually just the main single player or story mode instead of trying to 100% games) I'll write a mini review in this thread as I don't want to clutter up the Games forum.

    Today I got a classic Xbox that's come pre-loaded with mountains of retro games and every Xbox game ever. I'll be using this to play a lot of non-Steam games.

    Mantis' Gaming Journey-0fhfo5z-png

    That photo's from the eBay listing and I got it today. Works great and the first game I tried out is Diddy Kong Racing for the N64. It was a true blast from the past and I've been meaning to replay it for years. I remember the story mode being quite short. I'm going on holiday in a day and a half, so at least I'll have that to look forward to after returning to rainy Britain.

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    Sweet Xbox my dude. I used to have something similar to that, but nowhere near as legit looking. The original Xbox was a much better console than people give it credit for. Not even taking into account its emulation abilities, that thing had a lot of weird, artsy little gems that many overlooked because of the console's reputation as a Halo machine. If you like third person shooters at all, definitely check out Gun Metal -- it plays like Mech Assault mixed with Star Fox, and it's cool as fuck.

    On the note of growing out of gaming... I don't know what it is, but getting older seems to scale with getting tired of just about everything. Like I mentioned in that thread the other day, it has become increasingly difficult for me to justify indulging my hobbies with each passing year; but to be totally honest, when you think about everything we do on a daily basis, whether it's working to make your boss rich or wasting brain cells on the boob-tube... in the end, nothing really means anything at all. Like Layne Staley said, we're all gonna end up a big ol' pile of them bones. So, every time you feel like you're growing out of a hobby you love, just remember that doing something you enjoy is no more time wasted than pulling out your hair and watching the clock tick from a cubicle. You just have to fall back in love with it again, and I think buying a new toy loaded with new experiences is a great way to do just that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarDood64 View Post
    On the note of growing out of gaming... I don't know what it is, but getting older seems to scale with getting tired of just about everything. Like I mentioned in that thread the other day, it has become increasingly difficult for me to justify indulging my hobbies with each passing year; but to be totally honest, when you think about everything we do on a daily basis, whether it's working to make your boss rich or wasting brain cells on the boob-tube... in the end, nothing really means anything at all. Like Layne Staley said, we're all gonna end up a big ol' pile of them bones. So, every time you feel like you're growing out of a hobby you love, just remember that doing something you enjoy is no more time wasted than pulling out your hair and watching the clock tick from a cubicle. You just have to fall back in love with it again, and I think buying a new toy loaded with new experiences is a great way to do just that.
    Some very wise words there buddy, and I agree 100%!

    Yeah, that game does ring a bell so I'll keep that in mind. It'd certainly be on my Xbox. That reminds me of another third-person shooter that didn't get the recognition it deserved: Brute Force. I need to revisit that.

    As I'm in Spain at the moment I only have a little gaming time per day, and obviously no Xbox. I have been playing a few games on my GPD-WIN 2, which is a handheld computer. I can hook it up to my hotel room's TV which is cool. I've been playing the Phoenix Wright trilogy, or more specifically the third game: Trials and Tribulations. I'm also replaying Mirror's Edge. I'm trying to avoid replaying too many games (mostly those I'd already replayed in the past four or five years) but that game's fun as fuck.

    I play Fibbage sometimes. It's a good party game and perfect for a vacation. Before I left for my vacation I took this photo which may give you an idea of what I'll probably replay (for the first time in well over a decade) before the end of the year.

    Mantis' Gaming Journey-img_20191101_233621_1_resize_44-jpeg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantis View Post
    I took this photo which may give you an idea of what I'll probably replay (for the first time in well over a decade) before the end of the year.
    My man.

    Don't you think it's funny how Neo Tokyo takes place in 2019, and here we are, about to be in 2020? When I was playing this game for the first time as a kid, 17 years seemed so far away. How times change...

    Mantis' Gaming Journey-ghost_pic-jpg

    Ironically, some things aside, this game was pretty prophetic. It definitely nailed our shitty hairstyles at least.

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    Perfect Dark is 2023 and there are flying cars. These devs were on point.

    Mantis' Gaming Journey-l4cthpnga34a4mfebhm66v26la-jpeg

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    I've wanted to update this for a while to keep it current. I've not really been sticking to playing games lately. I'm still making some progress. I've got another idea. When I complete a game or game series and consider what to play next, you can help make my mind up for me. I know this sounds lazy of me, but we all want to recommend things at times. I bet we've all done it at least once with Outlaw Star.

    The trouble is, I've got so many game series that I have available to play, but it's difficult to be decisive when there are hundreds of choices. However, there is one game series I've stalled on a playthrough for a long time now. I'll talk about other games in another follow-up reply. Years ago I decided to play through all of the Final Fantasy main series. I've already completed Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX several times and X twice I think. I believe I almost completed VI when I was much younger. There are so many gaps. These are just main series games. The larger problem is that if I tackle all these Final Fantasy games together it'll take a long time. I'd like to space it out a little so I have room for other games. Probably Zemekis is my go-to guy for Final Fantasy, but we're both fans of some of the games. (FFVIII being my favourite game.)

    I still want to play them in order, but when I first attempted this all those years ago, I started with the original game to stick to the plan. I've got to be honest: it's fucking boring. I know how ignorant that sounds and how this would make Final Fantasy fanboys have a hissy fit, but really, the original Phantasy Star is a better game and was released at almost the exact same time. The original Final Fantasy has almost zero plot which is what makes Final Fantasy great. It seemed like more of an experimental game which is fair enough. I tried. I tried hard to get through it but gave up. I'm considering that as complete as can be, so I'm going to start with Final Fantasy II which I hope is better. I do occasionally get nagged to play non-main series games so this is how I'll go about it all...

    I'll play one Final Fantasy game every quarter. Three will be main games. The other a spin-off or non-main. The spin-off/non-main can be inserted wherever. However, if it's a spin-off, I must have already played the corresponding game beforehand. So I could handle 2020 this way...

    Q1: Final Fantasy II
    Q2: Spin-off/non-main chosen by forum members
    Q3: Final Fantasy III
    Q4: Final Fantasy IV (maybe including the After Years sequel, explained below)

    Since Final Fantasy II isn't on Steam I'll play it some other way. I'm also not sure whether I should play the Final Fantasy III and IV versions on Steam. They are ports of the DS games. I was kind of turned off by the chibi appearances. I guess it's a bit unfair to judge the games this way so I'm still undecided. If I did play the DS port of IV, I'd also play The After Years to complete that playthrough. That sequel is only available for the 3D version.

    2021: Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Spin-off/non-main

    I think 2021 will be fantastic. Final Fantasy V's Steam version has been receiving updates for a "better sprites" mod for some time now. Hopefully by 2021 that'll be finished. Likewise, the Steam version of Final Fantasy VI has better graphics now. While I never played V, I almost completed VI as a kid so it'd be nice to accomplish that. I've already completed Final Fantasy VII many, many times. When I completed it at nine years old it was the best thing ever. At the beginning I was skipping all the dialogue for a while but it got me into narrative-driven games as I progressively became more and more immersed in the story. I wish I still had my old save file. I named Tifa and Aeris (triggered?) my two crushes at the time. (Yeah, kinda embarrassing... ) What's important is that there's also the Remako mod that upscales the pre-rendered backgrounds with crystal-clear clarity. A real sight to see.

    2022: Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X and X-2, Spin-off/non-main

    An excellent selection, starting with my favourite game of all time. I'm confident by 2022 the modding scene will have further refined modding for the original Steam released or achieved proper modding for the remastered version. Like Remako, most of all I want to play Final Fantasy VIII with upscaled backgrounds. It's an epic fail that DotEmu didn't do this. This will also be a great change to Final Fantasy IX. It'd probably be my third choice for PlayStation Final Fantasy games, but they're all incredibly close. I also completed IX fewer times than VII and VIII so it may be more enjoyable. As for Final Fantasy X, it's definitely one of my favourite PS2 games. Damn, I miss Blitzball. I never played X-2. It looked pretty stupid in any Let's Plays I saw and more like fan service than anything, but who knows...

    Keep in mind that Final Fantasy XI and XIV aren't counted since they are MMOs.

    2023: Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIII (maybe sequels if I'm feeling masochistic enough), Final Fantasy XV, Spin-off/non-main

    The "bad year" in my opinion. Honestly, it's unfair of me to write off Final Fantasy XII as crap because I actually haven't played it. It's just that I never liked the look of it. Its battle system is completely different, but maybe I'll like it after all. Final Fantasy XIII, well, what can I say? I couldn't get very far into this. Sure, it looks nice, but I found it so lifeless at the time. If I'm going to play through all the sequels as well, what a nightmare. As for Final Fantasy XV, some of you know I generally do not like open-world games. I do not have high expectations.

    By 2024, maybe the second (out of god knows how many) Final Fantasy VII Remake game will be out. Either way, it'll be on PC and discounted. I'm in no rush to play the remake. Being a patient gamer helps at times.

    Right, that was long I know and I don't expect many of you will have read it (we don't have loads of Final Fantasy fans here) but I'm glad I've got my Final Fantasy plans for the next few years down on this virtual paper now. Like I said, playing them consecutively but spaced out allows room for other games. Feel free to suggest any non-mains/spin-offs or whatever.

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    Okay, so here's a general progress report. I've been playing through Shenmue for a while. While normally I'd prefer to just clear games and not 100% them, mechanics like gacha and various mini games can be very addictive. So I'm making an exception for Shenmue. While I don't necessarily intend to 100% the games, I'm trying to make the most out of this playthrough as there's plenty to do without feeling forced to 100% a game for the hell of it.

    I also installed a new code for the forum, which is the progress bar. You just use "progress" (in square brackets) followed by a percentage after the equals. This is how far into the Shenmue series I think I am. Just quote my post if you want to look at the code. You can also use the icon in advanced post mode and enter the percentage. Maybe you could even make your own "game journey" thread like mine. Only issue with the bar is that the text only fits up to where the green bar reaches. (Could be fixed.)

       80% Chrono Trigger

    I started another Chrono Trigger playthrough a year or two back. I'm almost at the end so I might as well finish it soon.

       40% Mirror's Edge Series

    When I went on holiday to Spain in November, during many evenings I spent an hour or two replaying the original Mirror's Edge. I'm near the end of the first game (which I'd completed in the past) but afterwards I want to finally play the second game, Catalyst. Additionally, I'm going to read the Mirror's Edge comics. That won't take too long but they look interesting.

       93% Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

    One of my favourite game series. I've been replaying these games quite patiently. Only one case left in the third game. There are of course more Ace Attorney games, but I've decided to wait in case Capcom releases Apollo Justice or the other Phoenix Wright games on Steam.

       20% Shenmue Series

    I spent a good number of hours at the slot house recently. It's mundane yet strangely enjoyable. I was so proud to get the 50,000-credit reward. For now I'm focusing on getting more gacha and trying to win Saturn versions of Space Harrier and Hang-On so I can hone my skills. I'd really like to complete them at the arcade and claim the rewards. (Wouldn't this technically count as completing two new games, despite them being games in a game? )

    When I get the chance I'll edit the OP so it makes more sense. Most importantly, I'll also create a list of game series (or individual games) that are on my radar you guys can help me pick if ya want! I may have mentioned this, but there's a rule I'm following for games I've already completed. It must have been at least three years since I last completed a game to play it again.

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    There was a Mirror's Edge comic book? Mirror's Edge was a really good game. It was frustrating when you had things getting away to mess up your running but when you got into the zone, the parkour stuff became exhilarating. And that soundtrack..man, I loved the music in that game. I wish more games have a more ambient, atmospheric electronic music like this.

    I never gotten around to the 2nd game though I heard that it's nowhere near as good.

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    Yeah, but it was more of a promotional thing I believe. You can get it really cheap which is probably what I'll do since I'd much rather have a printed comic book than digital. I was disappointed when I heard about Catalyst not being as good, but that was years back and I didn't get a chance to play it since it was exclusive to Origin. I have a feeling EA will release it on Steam soon. Even if it isn't as good, I found Mirror's Edge's story just as interesting as the gameplay, so I'll also play Catalyst because I don't like unfinished stories I guess.

    Edit: Indeed, Mirror's Edge has a fantastic soundtrack!

    Starwind55 and I have started playing Halo: Reach. I was very unsure about how he'd find Halo since he's largely a '90s FPS fanboy (sorry!), but then again, to a good extent I am too. I've completed a good number of FPS from back then. I don't play a lot of modern FPS these days. They don't have the same magic. The Halo trilogy was always an exception for me. I was obsessed with Halo in my early teens.

    I think that a lot of criticism comes from PC FPS players (somehow I adapted just fine despite playing them regularly on my old Windows 98 PC) because of the evil gamepad and nitpickers who cherry-pick mechanics, like recharging shields. I always thought that was one thing that made Halo great. You approached the game completely different to other FPS, and not in a bad way. I always loved Half-Life, and it has great AI, you just went about how you dealt with enemies entirely differently.

    I'm not a huge fan of Reach. I think it was the beginning of the end of Halo. Playing it on co-op with Starwind55, I'm viewing it more favourably since I'm not comparing it to Halo 1-3 as much nowadays. A good game, but I think it pales in comparison to the trilogy. Halo 4 onward? Hell no. Microsoft recently began releasing Halo games on Steam in the story order. Since Reach is a prequel, Halo: Combat Evolved (original) will probably come either next month or maybe March. Starwind55 seemed most interested in playing that one as he wants to judge the mechanics for himself. (Or so I believe.) We've played Reach co-op a couple of times now in the past few days. We've almost completed it. Three missions left.

       70% Halo: Reach

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantis View Post

    Starwind55 and I have started playing Halo: Reach. I was very unsure about how he'd find Halo since he's largely a '90s FPS fanboy (sorry!),
    Well...you're not wrong

    Yeah, I've always been drawn moreso to the classical shooters of the 90s just because I like the more frantic, faster paced stylings that we got from the shooters of those eras. Though honestly, I think I would be ostracized by the 90s FPS fanbase because there are a number of console-based first-person shooters that I love (Goldeneye 007, Black, The Timesplitters series, Killzone and Red Faction just to name a few). While I agree that first-person shooters are better with a mouse and keyboard, I don't think it's fair to dismiss a fps just because it comes on consoles.

    You're right in that I am looking forward to Halo: Combat Evolved the most since it's the one that started it all. Halo: Reach was much further down the line and it felt like it was trying to mimic a bit of Call of Duty's success a bit. I've always wanted to play it because Halo has this reputation of bringing about the downfall of FPS. That it basically turned into a dumbed down, consolized genre that would appeal only to normies and dudebros. It was kind of like the Fortnite of it's day. Personally, I always had this feeling that this negative outlook on the Halo series has been greatly exaggerated and I wanted to give this series a fighting chance for a long while. Plus, I think it'd be fun to look at it from the perspective of someone who grew up with old-school shooters and how it stands on it's own merits and if it's worthy of the legacy that it has.

    I don't hate Halo: Reach, though I feel it's a bit flawed since it seems that there's no feedback to the weapons and the baddies are a bit bullet spongey. Still, I think it makes for a solid co-op game at least and it's certainly something that I don't mind playing.

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