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    Nintendo Fanboys

    Rant incoming. First of all, I'm not out to get Nintendo or all of its fans. I sure as hell am out to get Nintendo fanboys however, because of all gaming fanboys out there the Nintendo ones piss me off the most. The worst part of it is that they often seem to flock to PC (rather than succumbing to MS/Sony for a graphical fix), and as I play PC games almost exclusively I regularly see them on services like Steam. Now don't get me wrong. I'd have considered getting a Switch in the future (especially if Nintendo finally creates a new IP aside from Splatoon) but their community is very off-putting. I don't think PC's "master race" crowd is much better, but I see Nintendo fanboys far more often.

    Speaking of hardware, a common stereotype is that PC is bunched with PS/Xbox with third-party and graphics being much more important, while Nintendo is primarily about fun games. On the contrary, over the past several months I've witnessed the fickleness of many Nintendo fans. They seem to latch onto any points they can if it will win them an argument. Hypocritically this includes graphics. (Despite them often saying they play games "for fun".) Some of you have seen me mention this device before:

    This is one video of many of a less-known ultra-micro PC called the GPD WIN 2 which I backed over a month ago. (It'll come in May.) Aside from the device, want to know one thing all the videos share in common? Nintendo fanboys. Every damn video I find, I find Nintendo fanboys. I can understand finding a fair share of PS4/XB1 owners since they share a lot of games with PC, but Nintendo? This is probably about the Switch. My opinion is that the WIN 2 is better than the Switch, and I think because many people share this opinion (you can also do similar things, like connect to a TV to play at home or play on the move) Nintendo fanboys have made it their personal mission to shitpost on WIN videos.

    I might think I'll get more out of my WIN 2 than a Switch. Greater battery, giant game library, nice specs for the size, more portable (3DS size), cheap games, etc. The thing that annoys me about these Nintendo fanboys is that most of their arguments are contradictory. The price being over double that of the Switch is fair enough, but the cheap PC game costs evens it out. Either way I'm happy to pay more for something I prefer if I can afford it. The stupid thing is when they insult PC for third-party games and the lack of games like Zelda (I could emulate dozens on WIN 2), when because Nintendo has recently said they're introducing more third-party games the fanboys are touting this as a reason to get a Switch! This is what I said about fickleness. Secondly, I often spot them saying the graphics are bad. Well, no shit, you're not going to get high settings on most AAA games on something so small, but you can still play the recent Doom better than the Switch can.

    Most importantly I don't go to Switch videos telling people to get a WIN 2. Right, now I've got all that out of the way I think I've made my point. If you're going to vouch for something you believe in because of X reason, don't swap it for Y reason further down the line.

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    I am not what you would call a fanboy of Nintendo but no matter how "weak" it is in comparison to PC or any other console out there, I still will enjoy many games they have to offer. I grew up on it. I can admit it has had many flaws and flops over the years. Wii U being a big one. I still intend on getting a Switch in the fall. I have come to appreciate PC gaming though so any console system will be second to this.

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