I recall there being a few Zelda fans here on the Nexus, so I thought I might share a little something I've been working on for a few years now.

I'm a huge Ocarina of Time fan. I don't think most people realize how many secrets and special touches this game has. For a game that's been talked to death as much as OoT, there is a surprising dearth of information about the game's many secrets. I aim to change that.

What I have here is a list of cool things I've found while playing the game. Few or none of these secrets involve collectibles like gold skulltulas or heartpieces, as these secrets are already well-documented online. No, this is the weird stuff, the mysterious stuff. While you'll undoubtedly recognize a few of these secrets, I've included anything and everything I could find for the sake of posterity.

Without further adieu, here are 64 secrets in Ocarina of Time...
(Reader be warned, this is LONG)

. . .

#1: Outside of the Spirit Temple, there are trees with nuts on them. If you shoot the nuts, a sound will play and an item will pop out. Strangely, if you shoot the tree itself before shooting one of the nuts, nothing will happen when you shoot the nuts.

#2: You can uproot Deku Scrubs (both enemy and merchant varieties) by pounding the ground with the Megaton Hammer.

#3: In the garden atrium where you meet Zelda for the first time, there are windows to either side. If you look inside one of the windows, you'll see a small easter egg: pictures of characters from the Mario series. If you shoot this window with your slingshot, a red rupee will pop out. The opposite window contains no easter eggs, but if you shoot it an angry soldier will poke his head out, scold you and throw a bomb at you.

#4: If you walk slowly near a butterfly while holding a deku stick, eventually the butterfly will begin to follow you. If you keep walking slowly and the butterfly follows you for long enough, it will turn into a fairy.
#5: Playing various songs for the Gossip Stones will make them produce either white or big pink fairies (depending on the song).

#6: There are places in dungeons and the overworld (even in some secret holes) where you can play a song to make a big pink fairy appear. Each spot is different, but will usually respond to either the Song of Storms or the Sun's Song. When you see Navi hover an empty spot and turn green, it may mean that you are meant to summon Pierre there -- however, if there is no Pierre location, it could be a secret fairy spot.

#7: Playing Song of Storms for a magic bean plant will cause it to pop up and shoot out fairies.

#8: Playing Epona's Song for a cow will give you milk (and a brief conversation with a cow!)

#9: Playing Zelda's Lullaby for a broken sign post will repair it.

#10: There are some spots in the Gerudo Fortress that you can shoot with either the bow or hookshot (it depends on the spot) and rupees will pop out, such as the sign when you first enter the compound, or some of the masks on the walls inside the building. You can also jump in one of the pots of soup and get rupees, but it will damage you -- unless you put on the red tunic... neat.

#11: In the Gerudo Fortress, there is a lookout tower right about the place you're imprisoned if the Gerudo catch you. To get to this tower easily: first become imprisoned, hookshot up to the wooden landing, look to your left, and you'll see the top of the fortress, with a single open doorway below. Jump down onto the landing and go through the doorway, and you'll be taken to an otherwise inaccessible area where there are nothing more than a few Gerudo guards and basic objects. However, if you look to the left when you enter this area, you'll see a long hallway and another area that you can get up to with the hookshot. Go up and through the dark doorway at the end, and you'll be in the lookout tower. There's a crate in the corner, smash it and you'll find a giant purple rupee.

#12: Skull Kids are immune to most attacks, but can be killed with certain weapons like the biggoron sword. Killing one yields a giant orange rupee worth 200 rupees.

#13: Killing some enemies with light arrows makes them drop a purple rupee.

#14: Some destructible objects (like grass or pots) will drop random items, while others will drop the same items every time. Likewise, when you roll into a tree, it will often drop items -- but different trees drop different items. Many trees will drop hearts or rupees, but some will even drop things like deku nuts or arrows (a few trees in Hyrule Field do this).

#15: You can get fairies from destroying common things like grass (that don't normally give fairies) if you have less than 1 heart -- this also applies to enemies, even ones like Armos.

#16: Underneath the waterfall in front of where you play Zelda's Lullaby to enter Zora's Domain, there is a small pool of still water below the rapid current. Equip the Iron Boots, jump down, and you'll find a small trove of red rupees.

#17: Inside Ganon's Castle, if you go underneath the bridge that crosses into the main tower, there is a secret area hidden by a false wall that can be uncovered with the Lens of Truth. Inside are deku scrub merchants.

#18: There are a few enemies that have "boss" versions which will appear once you've killed enough: keep killing stalchildren and a bigger one will eventually spawn, or kill enough leevers and a giant purple one will spawn -- it works on Keese and possibly others too. These larger versions also drop more rupees. The stalchidren even have three sizes: regular, slightly larger, and much larger. The slightly larger variant is triggered after killing about 8 stalchildren and will drop blue rupees, but kill another rack of them and an even bigger one will appear that drops red rupees when defeated.

#19: Hitting one of the cursed spiders in the House of Skulltula from behind will cause them to scream in pain, and they will try to attack you the next time you speak to them.

#20: Laying down a bomb near baby dodongos will cause them to run to it and attempt to eat it, like bait. Blue Bubbles (the blue flaming skull enemies) are similarly attracted and will circle a bomb until it explodes.

#21: Smashing the ground with the megaton hammer will kill any baby dodongo within range instantly.

#22: Wearing different masks will effect not only what NPCs say to you, but how enemies react to you, such as how Keese won't attack you if you're wearing the skull mask.

#23: Talk to princess Zelda with a mask on for a surprising reaction.

#24: When first going to see Zelda, you can bribe the guard at the castle gate to let you in (rather than climbing on the vines and going around the righthand side).

#25: You can flip tektites over by pounding the ground near them with the Megaton Hammer. Doing so will render them temporarily unable to move, and they won't damage you if you touch them.

#26: At the fishing hole, you can pull off the owner's hat if you cast your rod at him. This will also make him add a new rule to his signpost about casting at people.

#27: You can mess with the gossip stones in a few ways, such as bombing them to make them blast off into the sky, or smashing them with the megaton hammer to make them flatten out in a cartoonish manner.

#28: There is a secret area behind one of the lava falls in Dodongo's Cavern that has a heart in it.

#29: Hit Bongo Bongo's hands with an ice arrow and it will temporarily stun him while he tries to break the ice.

#30: The game has lots of interesting little details: if you drop bugs on land they'll burrow into the ground, but if you drop them on water, they'll skim around on top like little tektites. If you drop a fish on land it will flop around, but will swim away realistically when dropped into water. Butterflies will follow you around and mingle with one another, dogs will chase and play with you. If a rupee or other item falls into water, it will cause a ripple. Many more such examples.

#31: You can crouch stab with the hammer.

#32: You can change the pitch on your Ocarina by moving the analog stick around and even record a full song by talking to the Scarecrow (he can even save it and repeat it back to you).

#33: You can damage Ganon with deku nuts if you throw them at his tail while standing behind him.

#34: Din's Fire has a number of interesting uses: outside of being able to light torches or burn webs, it will also melt Morpha's tentacles, light Gibdos on fire, burn like-likes and more. It is even a very effective tool against Dark Link.

#35: If you go to the back alley of the market after receiving the Ocarina of time (but before going to the Temple of Time), you will find a dying guard who was wounded trying to defend princess Zelda.

#36: Ice arrows do more damage than other arrow types.

#37: Playing the Sun's Song will paralyze Redeads and Gibdos.

#38: Drinking a bottled poe will either give or take hearts.

#39: In Dodongo's Cavern, in the area with the moving blades and the raised platform with the bombflower and chest next to it, underneath the platform is a block with a ladder you have to climb. Pull the block out all the way and there is a little hole with a hidden heart inside.

#40: If you go inside the house next to where the cuccoo lady is standing in Kakario, you'll see a man and a cow. There's a set of steps leading up to a platform above the cow, and it appears as if nothing of interest is there. Move all the way back and to the right, though, and you'll find a red rupee.

#41: Play the Sun's Song between the two pillars where you collect the fire arrows and a special effect (like the one when a treasure chest appears) will be seen and a big pink fairy will spawn.

#42: Interestingly, on the same platform that this fairy is found, you can also acquire the fire arrows early by playing the Scarecrow's Song while standing next to the bottom of the platform. Oddly, you can only reach this Pierre location with the Longshot, which is normally only accessible after beating the Water Temple (and after beating this temple, you don't need the longshot to get to this platform and get the fire arrows). However, it's almost as if the designers thought you might purposely leave the Water Temple just to get the fire arrows and come back. I find this interesting as it lends more weight to the argument that sequence breaking was an intended part of the game's design.

#43: In the Fire Temple, in the big lava room that you enter through the first locked door in the dungeon, there is one platform in the far left corner that, if jumped on, will rumble as if to sink into the lava (like all of the other platforms in this area do), but instead it will levitate upward and bring you to a small hidden cave in the side of the wall that contains three pots with some arrows and other basic items. The cave has no other clear purpose. Strange.

#44: Walk up the chains near the drawbridge in front of hyrule castle at night time and you will receive red rupees.

#45: Hitting a peahat's, uh.... thing, with a deku stick will cause the stick to break in half instead of fully breaking (could also be the peahat's blade touching it, not sure).

#46: In the Fire Temple, you don't actually need the bow get the dungeon map. Instead of shooting the eye switch above the door that leads to where you get the map, just go through the area where the fire chases you, and at the end of the room you'll see a cage overlooking the treasure chest. Just climb onto the top of the cage, jump down and you'll be standing next to the chest with the map in it.

#47: Playing Zelda's Lullaby while being attacked by angry chickens will calm the chickens down.

#48: Peahats can drop more than one item at the same time when you kill them (because of the babies inside them).

#49: The explosion generated by baby dodongos can be used in place of bombs to destroy bombable walls, like the wall found on the right of the room you first encounter the baby dodongos (in Dodongo's Cavern).

#50: The statue on the bridge outside zelda's castle will tell you the time if you interact with it.

#51: There are a few places in the game where different items can appear depending on what you have in your inventory. For example, in Dodongo's Cavern, there is a chest on the top floor that normally contains a Kokiri shield. However, if you already have a Kokiri shield, you'll find a blue rupee in the chest instead.

#52: You can awaken stalfos statues by throwing a deku nut near them. Using a second deku nut will also stun them.

#53: If you go back and see him after dodongo's cavern, darunia will ask to dance to saria's song again.

#54: When not circling around it, Barinade's jellyfish can be killed instantly with deku nuts.

#55: If you obtain the blue tunic before thawing King Zora, he will offer to give you a kiss instead of a tunic. Thankfully, you decline.

#56: Not so much a secret, but the bow has ridiculous range: it can kill things at a near limitless distance. If you ever want to have some fun, go stand on the bridge in Lake Hylia and see the furthest away that you can pop a Guay (by the way, they respawn even without you leaving the map).

#57: Conventional wisdom has always stated that the Forest Temple was intended to be played before the Fire Temple, followed by water and so on. However, if you look at the map screen, you'll see that the map tells you to go to either one.

#58: As adult link, you typically appear in either the temple of time, or the entrance of a dungeon when you load the game. However, if you go back to your home in Kokiri, save the game and quit there, you'll start at your home the next time you load your game, rather than the Temple of Time -- even as an adult. Funny enough, this can actually save you time getting around, as the Lost Woods shortcuts are nearby.

#59: After getting epona, if you get a good enough time on a race (1:50 I think?), you will get your very own cow inside your Kokiri home (who, in addition to being your buddy, gives you milk if you play epona's song for it like all cows do).

#60: In the volcano area where Sheik gives you the Bolero of Fire, there is a little island in the lava to the right of where the Fire Temple entrance is, with a bunch of rupees on it. You can normally get here by playing the scarecrow's song, but you can also get to it a different way, by jumping off the cliff right above it. What makes this even more interesting is that it allows you to get to Fire Temple without ever going through Goron City / Darunia's room. Just enter by where you receive the biggoron sword, look to the right, and go up the wooden plank to the platform where a Gossip Stone hides behind a bombable wall. Jump off the left side of the platform and you'll land on the rupee island and can proceed to Fire Temple with ease.

#61: Speaking of Fire Temple, this dungeon has arguably the biggest and most elaborate secret in the game -- that almost nobody knows about. Interestingly, this secret requires use of the Longshot (which you normally don't have in Fire Temple) -- yet again adding to the theory that the designers actually expected players to do dungeons out of order, or leave and return to dungeons. Anyway, first: go into the room with the rolling boulders. If you look up, you'll see a perch high on the wall. Play the scarecrow's song underneath it, and use the Longshot to get up there. Look around and you'll see a floating platform on the same level as the perch, with a white and black hookshot symbol on it. Longshot over there, and the platform will rise up and take you to a concealed area. In this area is a strange little hallway with some fences for climbing and a single golden skulltula. After making your way up these fences, you'll go through a door at the end that leads to a large circular room at the very top of the level. In front of you you'll see a switch to press -- walk on it, and a timer will start. Quickly look to the left where you'll see a hookshot post, and use the Longshot to reach it. Go further to the left and at the end of the loop is a small chest containing a huge rupee -- worth 200 rupees. All that for something that 99% of players never saw... whew.

#62: When Link is low on health, there is a chance that the game will override your controls with random inputs to simulate running while injured. This is referred to as "critical wiggle" by some speedrunners.

#63: In the Gerudo Fortress, when you meet the Gerudo Captain, her clothes will match the color of whatever tunic you're wearing.

#64: After beating the forest temple, return to where Mido stands in the Lost Woods. If you speak to him, he tells you that Saria had feelings for you and awaited your return prior to her leaving. He also apologizes for his actions -- although he never knows that you are both the same person.

. . .

Believe it or not, there are probably 2-3x more secrets than this, but I figured I'd post the best of the lot. If you actually bothered to read all of that, kudos -- and be sure to tell me if you know any secrets of your own. I'm always adding to the list.