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    Online ROMs?

    I hope this is okay to ask here, I know some places don't like people talking about the topic on a public forum.

    I am looking for a type of Emulator that allows online gameplay. I don't know if this is an option but I would like it for certain games. Like an option for my husband and I to play some older titles from our own computers instead of using one screen split between us.

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    I think there is a way to do this with Project64, since there are multiplayer mods for Ocarina of Time. In fact, Mantis mentioned a program to me last year that allowed for online play of several N64 games but I can't remember the name. Start your search with N64 is what I'm trying to say.

    P.S.: discussing roms/emulators/filesharing/etc. isn't against the rules. Just don't post links/torrents/whatever.
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