• Do you play any classics?
  • Do you play any classics?

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    Do you play any classics?

    I have been thinking about digging out my old consoles and playing some old school games from the 90's again. I know I have them all in 2 or 3 boxes together somewhere in my house... LOL I have been getting an itch to play the older mario and zelda games.

    Do you play any classic games?

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    Oh I do. I have emulators where I have a number of old school NES and genesis games. I also have mame that allows you to play classic arcade games, which is great as it allows me to play awesome games like Rastan and Aliens vs. Predator. I still have my old launch PS3 that can still play PS1 and PS2 games so I fire that up every now and then.

    I also make it a yearly Halloween tradition to replay both System Shock 2 and Resident Evil 2.

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    I'm all about the classics! I use this really neat all-in-one emulator called OpenEmu, which I mostly use for SNES and PS1 games. I'm not really into playing older consoles anymore, I might dig out my N64 now and then if I'm feeling nostalgic, but feels impractical compared to how much easier it is to emulate.
    Now that I think about it, I'd love to transfer my OoT save from my cartridge. I wonder if that's possible... Well, fuck. Apparently this thing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_V64) is the only way, and it's an extremely rare Japanese device. I guess I can forget about that idea.

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    I got so many new games on the back burner that I still need to beat that it's almost impossible for me to go back to classics. However, there are a few select games I plan on playing over again but just on a different platform such as Ocarina of Time but on the 3DS. I also plan on finishing Final Fantasy II on the original PlayStation sometime soon!
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