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    US Ghost in the Shell Movie

    Has anyone seen the new Ghost in the Shell movie? If you have, what did you think?
    I was worried about the over use of CG-I, since it's live action, but it was actually integrated really well. I also liked most of the action scenes. I think there was a bit too much slow mo, but they recreated the original film really well. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Maybe this can bring the live action anime adaptation reputation back up.

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    I thought it was surprisingly decent. Loved the visuals and action. Thought ScarJo kind of laid on the "robotic" voice too thick. The Major is stoic but she never sounds dead, lol.

    Thought it was cute how they gave Batou that relationship with the stray dogs, in place of the tachikomas. A number of scenes that were adapted directly from the 90's flick looked cool too, like the fight in the water, or The Major ripping her own body apart trying to bust up a tank.

    Kuze wasn't nearly as cool as he was in the show, but I appreciated that they kept his "spirit" the same, with his connection to the Major's origin and his goal of evolving on the net and leaving the world behind.

    Overall, it was very different from the standard franchise, but kept the same spirit of the world and characters. Surprisingly respectful to the source material. But quality-wise, it's just okay. Without the GitS name it would probably end up being a pretty-but-forgettable sci-fi flick. But I enjoyed it.
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    I was about to make a new thread on this until I saw you had, pseudo. I've been meaning to watch this for a couple of weeks now but figured I'd finally do so this afternoon, and... I found it awesome! I can't understand how it only has an average review score. Maybe I was at an advantage because I've only seen the animation once (I think) and that was a long time ago. Also, that whole "whitewashing" thing really got on my nerves. It doesn't even make sense anyway. Shells don't have races so it's a moot point. They still kept a fair amount of the cast Japanese. I thought Scarlett's delivery was spot on and the action scenes really had me at the edge of my seat. I guess her voice wasn't full of personality, but since it was so long ago when I saw the animation I couldn't really compare it, and found her character very interesting anyway.

    Its ending pretty much screamed "sequel alert", so I bet that's gonna happen. No idea why people have called it a financial flop. It's not like it's been a huge success, but its budget was $110m and its made $166m from the box office alone. That obviously doesn't include future sales from other media. Flop I think not.

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    I've been waiting for this movie for a long time and finally it's been released! I'm planning to watch it one of these days and I hope I won't be disappointed I haven't seen the anime version of this so I don't know much of it's plot so I guess I won't be able to compare the two and see if they did the live action accurately. But I hope it's a great one and since Scarlett is the main role, I think it's a decent one

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