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    GOG Galaxy

    In a nutshell, GOG's Galaxy is kinda like Steam, but for GOG's own games. While I get some might find the ease of just downloading the game and running is without another platform preferable, I personally like centralized game library like that, so I was quite interested when they unveiled the project earlier this year.

    The beta version available at https://www.gog.com/galaxy and obviously for free. So far seems to work pretty nicely, but to be quite hinest I haven't found that much use with it. I mean, all my friends are on Steam, so there's no reason to keep that one running for the social aspect at all. But we shall see, maybe there's more use for it in the future!

    Have you tried it?

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    That's cool but I'm so involved in Steam now, I just can't run other library software. You mentioned the main point for me: a centralised library. Not only that, but Steam offers a community (which I'm sure GOG Galaxy does too) and I talk to many friends through Steam. For an idea of my library, see "Games"...

    Yeah, I have way more than I need, but Steam is all I need. This does look awesome for non-Steam users though.

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    I don't really visit GoG for my gaming fix. But I really like what they do, it's great that they are supportive of old PC games. Furthermore, they also help out indies that are developing games that have similarities to those older titles. Steam has pretty much cornered the market when it comes to a centralized gaming library. Not saying that other portals shouldn't try, but they are just better off focusing on their specific niche.

    GoG - Great for old school PC gaming and similar indie titles.
    itch.io - Terrific for experimental, offbeat indie & Twine developers.
    Indie Game Stand - The go to portal for the purist indie fan.
    Desura - It's had it's ups and downs, certainly no Steam but another alternative.
    Steam - The ultimate PC gaming portal.

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