• My ideas for an Outlaw Star movie/OVA series
  • My ideas for an Outlaw Star movie/OVA series

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    My ideas for an Outlaw Star movie/OVA series

    So earlier today, I learned that Mantis is putting together an Outlaw Star trilogy using footage from the show itself (as shown here: Outlaw Star Fanedit Movie Trilogy). And that got me thinking: if I were in a position to adapt the original show into a films series or OVA series, how would I handle it? Well, here are my thoughts so far.

    Instead of being a trilogy, I would instead boil the series down to six installments.
    Part 1, titled either the Beginning or Hot Ice, would follow episodes 1 through 4 pretty much to the letter.
    Part 2, titled Sentinel, would consist of episode 5 through 8, also pretty much shot for shot.
    Part 3, titled either The Race or Space Race, would consist of episodes 10 through 12, but with the film/OVA opening up with the ending of episode 9, where Gene sees the El Dorado appear on screen when advertising the Heifong Space Race.
    Part 4, titled either Heifong or The Seven Emerge, would go through the events of episodes 15, 17, and 18. However, I feel that opening the film with either the climax of episode 14 or one of the two Shimis leaving a bar where a news story covering the events of episodes 13 and 14 is playing the background, specifically Gene's involvement in them would be a good nice way to start, as well include a shoutout to the events of said episodes. Unfortunately, I have yet to think of a good way to incorporate an easter egg regarding episode 16, which is a shame because I love the Old Man.
    Part 5, titled the Search, would cover the events of episodes 20 through 22. The closest I can think of a shoutout to episode 19 would using the opening to the first episode, where the Outlaw Star is shown fighting a pirate ship eerily similar to those found in Law and Lawlessness.
    Part 6, titled The Galactic Leyline, would use the last three episodes of the show, namely 24 through 26. But as much as I would love to include Hot Springs Planet Tenrei in its entirety (mostly because of how genuinely hilarious it is), I think it would best if I just open up the movie with JUST the conversation regarding the Caster Gun's origins and Ark and Hadul's explanation of dangers of the #4, #9, and #13 shells.

    In addition, I figure that each part could open up with one of the narrations from each episode. Not sure which one to go with for Parts 1, 3, or 5. Part 2 would use the narration regarding the 108 stars, Part 4 would be the Anten Seven, and Part 6 would the Galactic Leyline.

    But with all that being said, the first two movies/OVAs would be noticeably longer than the rest given that they consist of 4 entire episodes rather than 3 and additional bits from the episodes. Even more so since I unfortunately cut out a few episodes for the sake of flow and narrative. However, in exchange, why not expand upon certain scenes and elements from the show itself. For example:

    In Part 3, we could show more coverage the race and how each crew (Outlaw Star, El Dorado, and Naburu Baribu) crossed each checkpoint, what became of the two poor Ctarl-Ctarl officers Aisha wrangled into her scheme to board the Outlaw Star, and lengthen the duel betwen the Outlaw Star and the El Dorado.

    In Part 4, we could include the aforementioned scene of one of the Shimis leaving the tavern, more banter among the Anten Seven prior to their meeting with Hazanko (the closest we seem them interact a whole lot with one another other is when they strike down the messenger and his cohorts in episode 24), an expansion of the conversation between Gene and Leilong in the bar, make the scene where Melfina kicks Harry out of cyberspace longer and more epic/unsettling (hinting that there may be other reasons the Kei Pirates are desperate to track her down than just being a key part of the navigation system of the XGP), showing more of the fighting tournament, expanding on Aisha's fight with Iraga after they transform, and the fallout of the tournament (we never learn how many people got hurt from this incident, what became of Fire Cat, if Aisha was allowed to keep her title or she faced any consequences for enterting the tournament illegally).

    For Part 5, we should definitely demonstrate how much time and effort Jim put into his plan to defeat the enemy grappler ship, as well as expand upon Jim's date with Hanmyo, perhaps showcasing how genuinely innocent yet heartwarming their relationship is, as well as show more of Hanmyo speaking with her two cats. In addition, the fights in the Grave of the Dragon could also be expanded, specifically those from Aisha and Suzuka's perspectives, and more of Gene's time in prison as well as what the rest of the crew were up to while he was there could be shown.

    Lastly, for Part 6, since I suggested that Tenrei's part in the plot should be relegated to what I described above, to make up for it, most of the fights for this section could truly expanded upon. From the parts taken from episode 24, the one-sided massacre following the reveal of Hazanko's plan to betray the Tendo King, the fight to enter the Leyline as well as the three-way conflict between the Outlaw Star, Shangri La, and Geomancer. In addition, to make up for his focus episode being reduced to a conversation, Tobigera would also accompany his fellow pirates into the Leyline instead remaining onboard the Geomancer. For the parts from episode 25, all of the canon fights would be far more fleshed out (such as showcasing more of how badass Aisha transformed is and Suzuka opening her mouth following defeating Hitoriga but cutting away before the audience gets to her what her answer to to Hitoriga's earlier question was), and Tobigera would run into and fight either of the MacDougall Brothers, most likely Ron. Finally, for the last episode, have Hazanko elaborate more on just what sort of monsters the Tendo King and/or the Tempa Emperor are, amp up just disturbing his fusion with the Geomancer is (especially since even if Tobigera managed to return to the ship following his fight with the MacDougal Brother who kicked his butt, it's implied that the Geomancer alone had quite a large crew onboard), and really get to see what the transformed Outlaw Star can do in a fight before it returns back to normal and blows through Hazanko's head like a giant bullet.

    But before anyone says anything about this, I KNOW just how unlikely putting together something this is in comparison to projects like Rebuild of Evangelion, Advent of the Red Comet, and the Persona 3 movies. Not just from a financial perspective, but even among the English voice cast of the main characters, how many are still active? I know Wendee Lee, Ezra Weisz, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Steve Staley, and Beau Billingslea are still acting as of late, to name but a few, but I'm pretty sure a lot of the other VAs for both major and minor characters are either retired or no longer in a position to return. Honestly, if I were to look at this from a more practical perspective, doing a small, lowkey OVA adaptation of the original unfinished manga or even Space Hero Tales/Future-Retro Hero Story might make more sense, but I also don't know enough about either to even vouch for the likelihood of those projects happening anymore than what I suggested. The likelihood of this actually happening isn't even REMOTELY the point. I just wanted to put my thoughts together on what a GOOD movie/OVA series based on the show we know and love would look like, with regards to flow, narrative, structure, and faithfulness to the source material. After all, no mater how old we get, we have the right to dream, for there are endless possibilities stretched out before us.

    Regardless, I would still love to hear your thoughts on my ideas for a movie/OVA series. Which narrations would be good ways to open parts 1, 3, and 5? What would banter among the Anten Seven be like, given how they all are passionate about their work and very much enjoy it but each take their assignments with varying degrees of seriousness (For example, Tobigera took it to comically serious degrees at his own expense versus how Iraga and Hanmyo were willing to put their assignments on the backseat when the situation either required it or an opportunity presented itself)? How would you include a shoutout to Demon of the Water Planet or Law and Lawlessness? Just how could we make Melfina ejecting Harry from the Outlaw Star during the events of Between Life and Machine as awesome, yet trippy and unsettling as possible? How could we make a date between two 11 year old kids who clearly don't get to let loose anywhere near enough that's remotely healthy in a park as heartwarming (and later heartbreaking in retrospect) yet believable as possible? Let me know know your own thoughts and ideas on the matter!
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    While this would be almost impossibly difficult to put together, it would patch up a lot of holes or at least things that the series doesn't explain well. Thankfully soome things are more understandable with the manga and other side content like the doujins to back it up, but even then it's not always clear if the manga/anime are necessarily canon to one another which is an entirely new can of worms. I read through and appreciate all the work that went into this post so at least one person out there has seen your work
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    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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