• When a pandemic pans your school year (and much more)
  • When a pandemic pans your school year (and much more)

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    When a pandemic pans your school year (and much more)

    Received official word yesterday: Sorry for the long post but this message from my school district really got to me:

    2019-2020 GCCISD News Events
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    Update on School Closures, 04/17/2020
    April 17, 2020

    Goose Creek CISD Family,

    This has been a long, stressful few weeks for our community, our state, our nation and the world. Waiting anxiously for news that COVID-19 is under control, we have worked to comply with the order to stay home and practice social distancing by closing schools and cancelling all our activities, much to everyone’s disappointment.

    This week, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo extended the stay at home order through most of May. Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed the extension, although offering us hope in discussing a plan to turn our economy around with a layered approach to opening the state back up in tiers based upon necessity. I doubt we will see large venue gatherings such as concerts, sporting events--and yes, even graduation ceremonies-–anytime soon. However, I believe events with fewer numbers of congregants, such as smaller church services with rigid guidelines for size of groups and distancing practices clearly defined, may provide some hope of normalcy within sight.

    This, of course, means that Goose Creek CISD, along with the other school districts in Texas, will not be returning to finish the 2019-2020 school year and will have to make alternative arrangements to celebrate our students’ success. We will continue our online instruction so that our students will be ready for next school year, and we will provide summer school for those who need the additional instruction, most likely to occur at the beginning of next year, rather than immediately following the end of this semester. While this school closure affects all of us, it is especially disappointing for our seniors, who left for spring break and will never return to their schools as high school students, but rather as alumni.

    Seniors, my simple message to you is that we will not let your 13 years of hard work go unrecognized. We are just as proud of you as we have been of any of our graduating classes – maybe even more so, because you are showing strength and courage in the face of this pandemic that has kept you from participating in so many of your senior activities. When I arrived in Goose Creek, you were transitioning from elementary school to junior school, and I have seen so much growth in you as individuals, as we have elevated everything we do as a district, from our rigorous academics to the higher order technology, to our expanded extra-curricular, CTE and college course offerings.

    You have embraced everything that has come your way with grace and enthusiasm, so I am not surprised at your extraordinary ability to persevere through this crisis. We know you have missed out on some of these rites of passage, but we fully anticipate that you will rise from this stronger than ever just as you have with a hurricane, a flood, a recession, and a host of other personal challenges along the way. We have some exciting plans to honor you in the months ahead and look forward to celebrating you and your many accomplishments with your family.

    We simply cannot thank our staff enough for your willingness to step into these uncharted waters and embark upon our online instructional plan, technological distribution, the multitude of WebEx meetings, grab and go meal distribution, online student and parent conferences in addition to all of the other out-of-the-box new experiences you’ve encountered along the way. Hopefully, you will agree it has made us better collaborators, better teachers and yes, better people. Wishing everyone blessings for increased quality time with family and the opportunity for each of us to become a little more focused on the important things in our lives.

    Dr. Randal O’Brien
    Superintendent of Schools

    *Just like that....a school year ends....not with a bang, but with a shelter-in-place order* - 2020 ranks second to only 2001 for 'things will never be the same" in my lifetime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Bougainvillea View Post
    *Just like that....a school year ends....not with a bang, but with a shelter-in-place order* - 2020 ranks second to only 2001 for 'things will never be the same" in my lifetime.
    It's pretty crazy to think that there have been people who lived their entire life experiencing few if any world-changing events. There were probably millions of farmers in the Middle Ages who lived their entire life in one town and didn't experience a single technological or lifestyle change in their lifetime.
    Even people in their late 20's saw the rise of the internet, smartphones, 9/11, and now coronavirus.
    "Out of the ground, raze all greenery with flame! Fire2!"
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    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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