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  1. Great to see you, Kokiri. I think it's a bit more active now so there should be a little more to do at any rate! I always loved Tyrone's videos, so when he had a sale on I had to get one done for OSN. He did not disappoint.
  2. I'm back...again! My stomach hurts after watching this Thanks for the good laugh and will do my best to be active again.
  3. No worries at all. Life really has been treating me well as of late, and I hope the same if not better has been going for you as well. Just visited the members tab, searched by last visit, and was surprised to see a good handful of returning members. As one of them I'm really glad to be back and look forward to catching up with everyone. Thank you for bringing this all back Mantis.
  4. Hi there Kokiri. Sorry I didn't reply to your visitor message from those months back. I hadn't configured that part of the forum so I didn't get a notification. It's all sorted now though. I hope you're good. Seeing both you and Asher online in one day—not to mention other old friends who have been here for some days now—is really making this place feel like home again.
  5. It's great to see this back up Mantis. Got a lot of memories here...
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