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  1. Now then, may I ask what it is that you have against 'logic', young lady? 'going down'? I should hope not. No no, that simply will not do at all!
  2. Hahaha, that's a great email. xD
  3. Because internet safety, that's why! xD But in all seriousness, I liked your old name mostly because it reminded me of my youth. One of my earliest emails was pizzapower. xD
  4. Well, 'harilikespizza' was kind of a dumb, spur of the moment sort of thing. I've never been very creative with these kinds of things, you see. So I asked Mantis if I could have it changed to just 'Hari'. That's my name, so why not?
  5. Surprisingly, I noticed that you changed your name to be shorter. Any particular reason? I'm curious!
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