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  1. Further proof the wage gap doesn't exist! The woman even got more this time.
  2. 'Coach G's got money! But not much!'

  3. I'm afraid the ladies get quite a shock when they set eyes upon a dignified reseacher such as myself, and not in the good sense! No no, unfortunately not. Why do you suppose that is, hm? Perhaps my extraordinarily fine featues are too much for them to handle? Hoho, quite right indeed.

  4. Yo-yo, if it ain't Professor G in the house! I knew you'd get in touch one day, even if you're just ones and zeroes. Straight from the Leyline and across the galaxy. As for me, I try my best. Naw man, when I've been copulatin' I've made sure I'm in good nick, though one time a chunk of my neck had been gnawed off. All good now! Talk about a love bite. How about you Gwen? Located the G-spot yet?

    You'll have your own face on Nexus too, perhaps after Fred Luo. Because only with you could I make a better thinking smiley.

  5. A rather fascinating one that 'Mantis' fellow is, is he not? Ah yes, I do believe so. And such a hard worker, as well! Now then, I should hope he has better luck with the opposite sex than his namesake implies. Such a fellow would not want to 'lose his head', as such. Yes yes, quite right. Quite right indeed!

    By the way, my green-clawed friend, when exactly can one expect an emotion based on my own fine visage, hm?
  6. Hope the new content is coming along well! But he sure to pace yourself. Here's a Dr Pepper on me, ya deserve it.
  7. It rings a bell. Maybe it's more popular farther south in the UK, since clearly it's not super-popular anyway! Still, I love the paperclip reference.
  8. Wha--? I can't tell if you're kidding, have you never heard of Old Spice? o.o
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