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    While I'm sure there are people more knowledgeable on the genre than I am, I love my fair share of headbanging tunes and I figured we should have a thread dedicated to genre and perhaps discuss some of our favorite metal bands.

    I've been getting in Savatage lately. Man, I would kill Jon Oliva's, the lead singer, voice. It's magnificent and the guitar work is outstanding.

    I'm also into Iced Earth, another classical style metal band.

    And Dark Tranquility is really good too. I know some people aren't a fan of the metal growls but I think it works well here. I always like this band because their music tends to be more melodic and emotional and not just angry thrashing. Give them a chance sometime.

    I could go on but those were what came to mind first.

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    The most metal thing I think I have been into is Killswitch Engaged and that isn't very heavy metal.

    This is one of my favorites by them. Hard to believe the song is over 10 years old.

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