• How long can you go without music?
  • How long can you go without music?

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    How long can you go without music?

    I am the type of person who loves listening to music. I can't imagine skipping a day of music since its almost like an addiction to me. Music is l my meditation time throughout the day. I can listen to the same song all day and not get sick of it (which is something my friends tease me about). I also love having music playing in the background because it somehow motivates me and keeps me in focus.

    How long can you go without listening to music or are you completely fine without it?

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    Music is definitely one of the greatest things on earth I must admit I don't think that there's even a day that music hasn't been a part of it. I also have favorite songs, songs that I play for 3 hours straight without getting tired of it. Whenever I want to focus in work or any task that I do, I listen to classical music or Jazz as they make me relax and think clearly. Music is simply amazing and can't imagine a day without it

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    You know it's odd... I blame all the years of childhood car trips where I couldn't turn up the volume on the ol' Gameboy,
    but I've never been too terrible concerned with music.

    So I could easily go months/years without music before it would start to be any sort of a tangible issue.
    Which has alway made it interesting to me when people say things like, "Music is my life, and I can't live without it."
    Or that, "Music really speaks to me, defines me."
    How long can you go without music?-angel_beats_music-gif
    I have no doubt that these sentiments are sincere, I just can't fathom those feelings in myself.
    "Believe in yourself and create your own destiny. Don't fear fate." - Narrator
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    This was a good idea Mantis.

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    I think I'm the same as Asher here. Usually if I'm working on my computer I'll try to find an album to play to make the task less mundane, but sometimes I forget to play another one, as if it never really mattered anyway.

    Since my favourite genre is soundtracks, I'd probably get my fix from other media. Therefore, I think I could go weeks or maybe months without playing music.

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