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    Sometimes, I really get into the unplugged music or the uplugged versions of certain songs. Some of them are classics. Heck, probably some of the ones I like are considered "oldies" by now. Oh well. They're still better than a lot of the junk that passes for "music" today, ha ha.

    Do you like unplugged songs? Do you have a favorite?

    I like lots, but here are a couple off the top of my head:

    Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

    Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton

    More Than Words - Extreme

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    Well I do listen to such type of songs and most of them are a bit old ones. When you listen to a lot of punk and metal, there are times that you want to listen to something more relaxing. Whenever I hit that time, I play unplugged versions or acoustic songs. here are my favorites.

    Honestly - Harem Scarem

    Something to say - Harem Scarem

    Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard

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    For unplugged songs I gotta go with:

    Every Thug Needs A Lady - Alkaline Trio

    Blue In The Face - Alkaline Trio

    Hurt - Johnny Cash

    Now all of these songs are on albums but they are all acoustic guitar songs. Every Thug Needs A Lady is unplugged on the Damnesia album from Alkaline Trio. I honestly believe the acoustic version is much better than the original one that has electric guitar and more punk to it.
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