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    Nasty Neighbours

    I decided to make this thread for a couple of reasons. First to talk about my most recent neighbour issues and secondly because I'm interested in your situations too. They don't necessarily have to be really bad. I wouldn't say mine have been in all cases.

    I live in what I could describe as a cross between a maisonette and a flat. It houses six people. The three on the ground floor get their own private entrances. Those on the first floor like me get a balcony, but there's a shared communal hall in the building to get to each home, of course necessary for those above.

    Some of you will know I've mentioned neighbour issues several times in the past. I could put it down to bad luck, I guess. From the beginning someone on the ground floor has been known as an asshole among other tenants. A real pain but he was the single problem (one we got used to) for probably over six years. Then all the good folks started leaving (in a couple of cases women did because of him) and it feels like a crack den now.

    It had already got pretty bad, but ever since COVID the housing association's standards plummeted to rock-bottom. It's as if they never do background checks anymore. The latest "problem tenant" moved in a few months back. For a while all I knew was that he's a complete nutter. One of the first things he did was smash through the window on his door and bust the lock on the main door.

    He once told me his name is Cornelius in a totally normal voice. Cool story bro. At one point I learned he was a bum off the street. Under most circumstances I'd think that's not a bad thing since lots of homeless people in Britain die during the coldest months. However, he is a complete psycho. So, now he has taken to talking to himself, creating imaginary scenarios with different tones of voice. Sometimes he laughs strangely or tries to make a siren-like sound. (Wii U?) Basically things you'd expect from a six-year-old, not somebody in their thirties.

    Here's the tricky part. Those in this scenario can't really say they want someone evicted because they're a violent and very noisy (probably) schizophrenic, lest they be a bigot! When a neighbour has a serious mental illness, even if they're causing a large disturbance, you just cannot win. A few days ago some guy came over with a bag of cannabis for... Cornelius, or whatever his name is. (I've nicknamed him Multiple Miggs. Respect if you recognise that, lol.) Housing associations (here at least) and often the police don't really act on hearsay. They want evidence but will usually reject any evidence collected through your own means. Their special equipment is a pain to apply for and there's a waiting list. Yet they released an app for reporting antisocial behaviour with a function to take/submit photos and/or videos... but they don't accept such evidence? (Make your minds up.)

    tl;dr: Stuck with a new neighbour who's more batshit crazy than any before him. Thank fuck I have noise-cancelling headphones which have been a lifesaver. I'm not running off to a new area like the past intimidated tenants. This has become my home.

    So... any horror stories to share? I know I can't be the only one with shitty neighbours in the past or present.

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    I can't imagine living near someone like that.

    The only bad living scenario for me was when I lived with my ex in a double which his mother and stepdad owned. They lived in the bottom half and we were upstairs. His stepdad let one of his friends live in the basement and he was a very weird dude. He tried to verbally get me to come down there for a message and was hitting on me from a distance when I would go outside to the backyard with one of my cats. It freaked me out so much I told my ex's mother and the dude completely denied it so he was allowed to stay there. I stopped going outside if he was the only one that was home. It was very uncomfortable.

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