I recently acquired the Spanish dub of Outlaw Star. I was very curious to hear it, particularly so I could listen to Melfina's Song in Spanish. I was disappointed to find that they just used the Japanese version, though I think the Spanish Melfina sang it. (I'll confirm this when I get the chance, though if they just used the Japanese voice, that's really lazy.)

Overall, the Spanish dub isn't very well done, expectedly. The lip-syncing isn't great and Gene's voice is flat. Some of the other characters have okay voices, though maybe Spanish people would interpret the accent better. I couldn't even find any information on a Spanish dub online, so I was lucky to come across it by chance.

Does anyone know of any other language versions? From what I can tell, France and Germany did not get dubs. I'm not sure about Italy. If anyone knows anything, I'd be very interested in getting any other language dubs. Yes, I'm that much of a fan.