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Thread: Extra Dubs

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    Extra Dubs

    Has anybody else heard the other dubs of the show? I believe most of us grew up with the English dub, which in my opinion is fantastic. However, I own the Spanish DVDs and I don't think the dub is great, though it was enjoyable to watch. There is a fourth dub, believe it or not. It's in Tagalog, a Filipino language. I've been searching for months for it with no luck. I figured it would be a similar scenario to getting the Cartoon Network censored English dub; find somebody who has recordings.

    Fortunately, after a lot of asking somebody provided me with the name of the company that possibly owns the recordings for the dub. I've sent a message to ask if they'd be willing to help us out, if they still have them all. Hell, the best possible scenario would be that they own the audio tracks without any voice at all, but I realise the odds of that are extremely slim. One can dream, eh? I'd love to be able to extract the lost background music.

    In case you're interested, here's the beginning (albeit in low quality) of Outlaw Star in the Spanish dub:

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    Growing up I assumed it was only in English but I would have never thought that is was made somewhere else. LOL

    I had no idea they did other dubs like this. I just assumed most anime was either in English or in Japanese. I will check it out, I want to see how they sound!

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