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    Funny Outlaw Star things

    So I just finished rewatching the series not too long ago and figured that this could be a fun thread. One of Outlaw Star's strengths is it's sense of humor that pervades a lot of the series so we ought to discuss what we found funny. It could be a humorous moment or perhaps an observation about a scene or a character that you found comical.

    One of the things I found funny is the character of Gene Starwind himself. What makes him funny to me is, as much of a cool badass as he is, his brash behavior and trying to overcompensate his macho side can make him come across as a bit of a dork. At the beginning of episode 9 where Gilliam catches Gene "sleepwalking" Gene tries to twirl his gun and put it in his holster only for him to drop it on his foot. Not to mention a lot of his attempts at making it big for the crew just seems to land them in even more debt as seen in that same episode as an example. His line "I'm awesome at everything I set out to do with my life!" in episode 8 made me laugh because I feel that bit of dialogue sums up his character for me because that's a very insecure thing to say IMO. If you have to openly brag about how great you are, then perhaps you're not as awesome as you might think. Because of that, he is one of my all time favorite anime protagonists

    And now we move on to Aisha...she is a goldmine of comedic moments. Hell, we could probably have an entire thread dedicated to that alone. For me, my favorite Aisha moment is her doing the best rendition a trope that we sadly do not see any more...the "spit your drink out in shock" trope.

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    While we're on the topic of Aisha, a lot of the expressions she makes are priceless.

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    Funny Outlaw Star things-tumblr_ocri8624ae1vn0svno7_1280-jpg

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    Sorry if I'm not doin' this thread right, so to speak...perhaps I'll queue up another OS run here, I'm about due. I don't have a specific moment on hand, but I've always, ALWAYS found the dynamic between Jim and Gene priceless. It's humorous even when it's not explicitly teed up to be, like just any given moment of Jim being like "Gene, we need money, like, for real" and Gene being "Nah, Imma' go spend it on blackjack and hookers" and Jim being "No, Gene, THE ADULT in the situation, we literally cannot afford x, y, and z!" it's just hilarious to me that the 'grownup' 99 out of 100 times isn't the actual adult, Gene, it's Jim, the twelve-year-old kid.
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    Gene & Aisha

    Gene blasting Aisha with his caster after she's been bragging so much.

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