• Grappler Ships - Feasible in Real Life?
  • Grappler Ships - Feasible in Real Life?

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    Grappler Ships - Feasible in Real Life?

    Because Space has very little air, ships built for space-travel don't need to be aerodynamic nor symmetrical in shape (even though that aesthetic looks cool most of the time).

    We also know that, assuming no disaster befalls our civilization, our technology will become ever-more sophisticated.

    So I wonder, do you think we will see Grappler Ships in the future?

    I'd like to think so. Grappler Arms are very useful tools for a ship to have. Though, we probably won't see grappler arms on really big ships (unless they're for transporting people and goods off/onboard).

    As far as Combat goes, what kinds of weapons would they use? I imagine all the weapons used in Outlaw Star could be feasible in space (particularly the missiles, lasers and projectile weapons). Perhaps railguns, as well.

    Of course, who knows what the future holds. Even if we get that far, I wonder if we'll skip most human-piloted spacecraft and just do drones, since that seems to be all-the-rage today already.

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    On the note of grappler ships, I'm kind of shocked that still the grappler-arm combat of OS is still pretty unique in pop culture (it's at least much less frequently used than Star Wars based fighter-pilot, laser-based combat).

    Irl? I think there's a good chance of them. They'd be useful for making repairs to a space station or something else in the vacuum of space or another hazardous environment (like small research submersibles in the ocean today). It'd also be likely that computers/AI would eventually be incorporated as well; you'd punch in exactly what you want done, and the unmanned vehicle/function would do it more consistently and efficiently than any human could.

    Now...would that eventually evolve into combat uses? I'd bet yes, whether they were designed for such functions or otherwise (like someone using a nail gun as a weapon rather even though they're not designed as such). It might even be a window into what more "realistic" craft-to-craft skirmishes in space would look like, especially if we ever have bona fide space pirates: bum rush a ship, maybe even crash into it with a reinforced bow (warfare on the seas by various ancient cultures did this), then start tearing away using grappler arms to disarm/dismantle.
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