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Thread: Jim & Hanmyo

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    Jim & Hanmyo

    @Breakaway Republic ....Never thought I'd see the day where my love for the pairing of Jim and Hanmyo would mean my opinion would have such weight on the subject.

    But as for my own thoughts on the matter, it's a combination of various factors, including the fact that Jim has always been the character I relate to most in any story I've ever come across. As much as Jim feels forced to be grounded compared to Gene's recklessness, deep down he admires his carefree and optimistic attitude, and Hanmyo brought that out in spades. Doesn't hurt that by time episode 20 rolls around, he and Gene have formed a strong connection with at least three other people who have been out to get them at one point or another: Aisha (who assaulted them for info on the Galactic Leyline and planned on having them arrested, but is now pretty much his older sister), Suzuka (who despite the deal between her and Gene regarding him having to die so she can kill Fred, has time again fought to save their lives as well as Melfina's), and Hilda (who tried to off Gene at the end of the first episode and threatened Jim, but then gave her life to make sure Soi Len couldn't prevent their escape with the XGP). Gene would definitely have more mixed emotions as a combination of the pirates who helped the MacDougal Brothers kill his father and those who played a role in Hilda's death and the passionate yet honorable assassins that were Leilong and his disciple, but Jim? The way I see it, he wouldn't deny that Hanmyo tried to kill them, but he'd be more upset he unknowingly helped killed her and couldn't save her and have them join up with the crew.

    As for how Hanmyo would have felt had she learned the truth before their rematch, I think it would have shaken her to her core. She definitely enjoyed the prospect of a good fight, if her one line in The Seven Emerge is any indication, but she also genuinely cared for Jim and wanted to meet up with him again. The idea that she was trying to kill someone she had such a natural bond with would leave her frozen in shock and grief. I don't think she would have tried fighting them a second time (with Kemi and Matta being reluctant yet respecting her wishes), but she would likely tried to disappear for a while similar to Leilong faking his death and try to come to terms with everything rather than join the crew right then and there in Symka 5. Following the defeat of Hazanko and the rest of the Anten Seven, well...I think she might very well have tried seeking them out again, along with Leilong, but to join up rather than hurt them.

    As you might be able to tell, I've actually given the matter a LOT of thought over the years, and try to explore some of these questions in my own fan fics. Heck, once I've finished my current Outlaw Star fic, I plan on tackling these questions again in another story, one heavily inspired by This Bites! by Xomniac, a behemoth of a One Piece story and easily one of, if not the BEST self-insert stories I've ever come across. But I have a lot more writing practice to go before I feel I can truly do that idea justice, and I still have to finish my current work first.
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    This is a really old thread (over four years) so I'm going to move our replies to a new thread and quote the OP for some context! (Also, I'm moving both threads to Outlaw Star Anime.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Breakaway Republic View Post
    I wasn't sure whether I should put this in the Outlaw Star Anime section or here, but since this is more speculative than anything, I figured it was more at home here.

    The question I have is What if Jim somehow found out the truth about Hanmyo a few years after the fact? How would he react to the news that his first crush had actually been sent by the pirates to murder him and Gene? Would that still be a pretty raw emotional scar for him or would enough time have passed where he'd be fairly stoic about such news?

    I mean, I imagine finding out that the first girl you ever brought flowers for was actually sent to kill you and the closest thing you had to a family- I imagine that would be slightly worse than assuming you were stood up after all of this time.
    I'll add (maybe write a more detailed reply at a later time) that canonically Jim may have found out about Hanmyo anyway, so this isn't completely speculative. This is because we now know that Shimi was to become either a main or a secondary character in Outlaw Star 2. Through Shimi, Gene or Jim may have found out more about the rest of the Anten Seven who had perished. Still speculation since we only know so much about Outlaw Star 2, but it's now so much more than we used to.

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