• For those looking for somewhere to watch Outlaw Star in HD...
  • For those looking for somewhere to watch Outlaw Star in HD...

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    For those looking for somewhere to watch Outlaw Star in HD...


    Try this. There's no playlist but all of the episodes (including ep 23) have been uploaded in 720p with seriously crisp quality. I found this a few months ago, but this is just a heads up for people who are looking to start watching the series (or would like to rewatch the series) in pretty damn good quality. I actually have no idea if this is from the JP Blu-Ray or from the rare remastered boxset or whatever, but the standard DVD box set looks nothing like it.

    Unfortunately, this is only the dubbed version. There's no sub upload but if you'd really like to see Outlaw Star subbed then there's a playlist on Mantis' channel -
    Outlaw Star HD - Episode 01, Part 1 of 3 (JP) - albeit segmented into parts and, well, not as good looking. :p

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    Wow, I wasn't aware of these uploads. It's a shame they weren't uploaded in 1080p, but 720p is still good. (I have the 1080p and it's so crisp.) This is from the Japanese Blu-ray. I have the remastered boxset and it wouldn't reach this quality if upscaled. My uploads' source material was the remastered version and I even applied extra filters to it. I find that most Outlaw Star fans prefer the dub.

    I'd upload the Blu-ray version in 1080p but I don't want my channel taken down, since it's a popular Outlaw Star channel and my episode uploads have already been banned in North America.
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