• Any news on anything new from OLS?
  • Any news on anything new from OLS?

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    Any news on anything new from OLS?

    Just curious. Just wanted to know if anyone found new info on anything OLS related stuff.

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    We found (Zemekis and myself, plus his Japanese friend) out a lot of things about Outlaw Star 2 quite recently. Sword of Wind was actually a second idea. Or maybe the first idea. But anyway, this other Outlaw Star 2 is completely different. An entire new season was planned and we know a fair bit about it. (More to come as there are more pages.) I'd say the reasons we haven't talked about this a lot are...

    a) Not enough people give a damn to present the information in a better form (like a video) yet, which brings me to...
    b) There's more to discover, so perhaps it would be best to just gather everything beforehand

    If you haven't read it already, I posted some info a while back...

    Sunrise was considering a second season with Gene Starwind facing a new villain called Gamron who used to be Suzuka's lover. A ship smaller than the XGP called the Muramasa was to replace the Outlaw Star, and the Anten Seven pirate Shimi was to make an appearance, owning his own ship called the Murasaki Gasumi-tou. Gamron's ship was called the Sensyu, featured four grappler arms, plus other aspects that made it even better than the MacDougall Brothers' El Dorado/Shangri La.
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