• Outlaw Star Pilot: Official (Sort Of) Dub!
  • Outlaw Star Pilot: Official (Sort Of) Dub!

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    Outlaw Star Pilot: Official (Sort Of) Dub!

    I've mostly kept this a secret, but I've actually been talking to Melfina's voice actress, Emilie Brown, for a while now. And she actually agreed to help dub the old pilot video from 1996 which is pretty much the only canonical (arguably) Outlaw Star media that has never been dubbed before... until now!

    This has been a hell of a night! Spent a lot of today working on the manga and then I decided to go all-out with this video. Emilie sent me loads of takes so it was difficult to decide on the right ones, but I narrowed it down myself and thanks to Zemekis, Lobo and Mike of DYKA and LinkSeasonMaster I was able to make a final decision. One could argue that this is the first Outlaw Star anime content in nearly twenty years! I'm extremely grateful for Emilie's help.

    Now it's almost 5AM, I'm starving (didn't get the chance to eat) and I have to be up in less than five hours so I'd better go sleep already! But I'm very happy with today's progress.
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    It's so beautiful

    Since I follow behind-the-scenes stuff here on the forum I knew this was coming but I didn't expect it to be quite this impressive. Definitely a powerful clip, and I'm very stoked to be a part of OSN at this time so I could witness the first fresh English OLS anime content to be released in almost 20 years.

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    You know, as small as the fandom is, I gotta say not a lot of fandoms can do a feat quite like this. Getting Emilie back I imagine was no easy task and this was done beautifully.

    Well played, Mantis!

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