• Just saw the Patreon page. Just have a few questions.
  • Just saw the Patreon page. Just have a few questions.

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    Just saw the Patreon page. Just have a few questions.

    This is more or less directed at Mantis, but I'm throwing it out in a post so people can chime in and generally do that thing that forums do haha.

    First things first, I'm glad to see you're out of the hospital seemingly unscathed. Hospitals are scary as shit.

    Second, I'd like to thank you for your work with the scans/translations. I looked at the teaser PDF and your stuff is clean man. Like, wow clean. Just to be certain, you are translating these as well? Follow up, WHEN CAN I BUY THEM. SERIOUSLY TAKE MY MONEY.


    Does anyone know if they'll be .cbr format, or .pdf only?

    Either way, if this gets translated this'll be better than Star Ocean: Blue Sphere finally getting translated.

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    Hey man. Thanks for the nice words. I've been in a bit of an awkward spot with the Patreon for a short while. You see, two days before the surgery was going to happen it was cancelled. After waiting years it's been quite devastating. But since I put my Patreon on hold and already sent my patrons two e-mails about the surgery it would be awkward to do the same thing if it's rescheduled to later this year.

    I've been thinking of a different method than Patreon, but I'm unsure at the moment.

    I've been thinking about translating the art books, but it would eat into my budget a bit. With the manga I have three other European versions to work with, but I'd probably hire a translator for pure Japanese.

    I'm glad you liked the teaser. I'll complete the full clean in the near future, but at the moment I've returned to the manga translation as well the second website. I show drafts of the manga behind closed doors, so if you're interested in that let me know.

    I'll distribute everything in PDF and CBR.
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