I discovered these a few weeks back. I was actually searching around to see if the manga had ever been released elsewhere in Asia after looking for more Chinese manga volumes. (I already have a complete set of those and another spare volume.) I quietly posted the Thai manga on Twitter a couple of weeks ago so I think it's time to make a thread.

So, it took a while but I discovered that Outlaw Star had also been released in Thailand and Taiwan. I have received the Thai books with the Taiwanese manga still on their way. I had a feeling that there was another manga many years back. I already had an image of the Taiwanese manga but I didn't know what it was. It was an image posted on Takehiko Ito's site that I discovered around ten years ago:

Taiwanese and Thai Manga Versions-olshongkong-png

As you may see from the filename I originally thought this was a Hong Kong version because it was spoken of on a page that was also about the Hong Kong release. Turns out that this was from a completely different country. Eventually I'd discarded my past theories and assumed this was a mock-up design because the logo looks god-awful in this thumbnail.

I have a better-sized image and the logo still looks just as god-awful.

Taiwanese and Thai Manga Versions-olstaiwan-jpg

No, you're not going crazy and your eyes aren't deceiving you. That really is a version of Outlaw Star with a Fisher-Price design. I'd really like to know who they put in charge of that cover. So like I said I'm yet to receive these volumes along with other interesting findings, such as Taiwanese versions of the Angel Links manga and Future-Retro Hero Story.

Onto a better-looking version...

Taiwanese and Thai Manga Versions-olsthai1nexus-jpg
(Next to Japanese for comparison)

Taiwanese and Thai Manga Versions-olsthai2nexus-jpg

Taiwanese and Thai Manga Versions-olsthai3nexus-jpg

Taiwanese and Thai Manga Versions-olsthai4nexus-jpg

Taiwanese and Thai Manga Versions-olsthai5nexus-jpg

I hope that in the future I may discover more manga languages but this could be the end of that search. The Thai manga is pretty cool. Like Italian and Spanish it's mirrored left-to-right which I know not everyone's a fan of. Perhaps that's how manga usually is there. The cover is really detailed and colourful, perhaps to an overwhelming extent. The spines are nice. In terms of the content it seems pretty normal. I did notice a couple of occasions where they replaced text in signage with Thai. This is apparently something sometimes done in mirrored manga for obvious reasons.

Anyway, that's about it. I'll keep you informed on what's happening with my Taiwan order though.