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Good stuff good stuff. With Justin grabbing all this we very well may find more to add to the translation list. I guess you guys are both watching OLS auctions/sales online like hawks. One night when I find some time I'll need to get together with our mystery translator and search online for Japanese OLS resources(websites, fansites, interviews that would be hard to search in English), books, doujins, etc. and see if we can uncover anything with a native speaker at the Google search helm.

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If you end up finding more resources that would be very helpful.

Like a hawk is pretty accurate. Speaking of merch, I have doubles of some of those LDs if you want to jump on the bandwagon.

The UJs are producing ďnewĒ stuff. Iím not taking photos of everything I find, but Iím making a detailed list. Hopefully the list will help with communicating about things in the book with MANTIS and other forum members, but Iím hoping it can help other collectors/fans pin point exactly which issues have what.

Here is my two cents on that, I can not De bind the books due to the cost. So if time permits I can provide pictures of certain things and possible scans if they donít ruin the book.

Give me a few days to wrap up the list. I finished writing it but Iím verifying and typing it out as we speak.