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    My Biggest Book Haul

    Today I finally got my most recent Japan order (the Aisha model is coming in a few days, damn customs charges... ) which if I remember right is 27 books. If you subtract the FRHS manga (after all I already have them in a director's edition) that's twenty books, although a selection of them are second copies of my doujinshi as I'm going to debind my books to scan them. (No idea what I'll do with the debound books.)

    Here's the haul:

    My Biggest Book Haul-toomanybooks-jpg

    I've put a few of the most significant books on top of all the others. I also grabbed a Newtype magazine that you can see at the bottom. The picture there has circulated across the internet but I don't recall anybody uploading it with Aisha/Suzuka. I spent a few hours today going through most of these books. Tomorrow I'm going to need to figure out where to put them on the bookcase.

    At least someone isn't complaining about space
    My Biggest Book Haul-toomanybooks2-jpg

    Earlier on Twitter I took another crappy photo with my phone of one of the many interesting pages I found.

    My Biggest Book Haul-ols2-jpg

    This is a page from one of the About Azell books by Takehiko Ito. Those books are really hit or miss, but more often than not hit. They seem to focus on one of Takehiko Ito's later manga series, but he does usually include at least a few pages about Outlaw Star, sometimes Outlaw Star 2.

    I do look forward to sharing more with you all in the future since I've found some great stuff.
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    Is it just me or does Aisha look like she is wearing an eye patch in that last image? Nice haul all around. That image for the art book I have seen the one in full before with Aisha and Suzuka. Hell, I even think I have it saved on my computer somewhere but it is not as common as the one that's usually available. Looking forward to the contents of these books!

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