• Look at what MANTIS posted today.
  • Look at what MANTIS posted today.

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    Look at what MANTIS posted today.

    Look at what MANTIS posted today.-img_5544-jpg

    Do you guys own any of this stuff?
    (Specifically the gun on the top left)

    All of this is new to me except for those cards on the bottom left.


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    I hope you find it useful! I own most of the items here so feel free to ask away. I'll summarise that though. Firstly, the ones I have:

    Caster guns: I'll get the confusing part out of the way first. I'm 95% sure I own the 2D caster pin. As for the 3D keyring, although I do feel that I own it, there's a significant chance I do not. I need to go through all of my stuff.

    Outlaw Star logo pin: This is pretty cool and I got it from eBay.

    Pencil board: This is some nice stationery, just used as a surface. I vaguely recall these things from my childhood. It looks the part and can usually be bought cheap from Japanese sites.

    Paper folder: At least that's what I remember this being, not certain. Another stationery item with a similar design to the pencil board, although a little different, so it's cool to read the English text in the background. This one's rarer than the pencil board so you might want to snap it up if you see it.

    Various cards: I have most of these, might be missing one or two of the bottom-left ones. The middle ones are phone cards. (No, they won't come with working credit.) Bottom-left ones are usually really cheap. Middle ones cost a bit more but they won't break the bank.

    The ones I don't have...

    Keyrings: If I don't have that caster keyring I really want it. The caster shells are cute. It looks like they come with a "Go" text extra.

    Stickers?: It looks like that's what they are. Never seen them for sale. And I want 'em!

    CD wallet: I haven't seen this one either. I do have a Future-Retro Hero Story CD wallet that kicks ass, so yes, I really want this!

    Much treasure. Much want.
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