• Outlaw star wall scrolls?!?!?
  • Outlaw star wall scrolls?!?!?

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    Outlaw star wall scrolls?!?!?

    Iím very new to this anime merch stuff but Iím a long time running and huge fan of anime in general but particularly outlaw star Iíve always vibed super hard with it and rewatch it constantly, favorite anime hands down. While Iím not too big a fan of the figures or comics since to my understanding they have yet to be translated and are of no use to me right now, I have since commissioned some custom glass outlaw star art and would love to add some wall art to my appreciatory collection that I have begun but I am having absolutely shit luck finding any good posters or good quality wall scrolls that arenít all over or basic small ones or ones that came in the dvd set. If thereís anyone out there than can help me with my search itíd be more than amazing youíd really be helping this boys dream come to fruition.

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    Hello smiley and welcome to Outlaw Star Nexus.

    I have a lot of Outlaw Star wall art. At least half of it is custom-made. I can probably take some photos tomorrow. While you can sometimes find good official posters and the wall scrolls, I found that I've been happiest the ones I've had printed myself. It's mostly about finding good images that are at a high resolution. At first I got custom posters which are nice. Although they're a little more expensive, canvases are undoubtedly the best.

    As for the official merch. I have a lot of this wall art. Some of it can be very rare, in many cases only occasionally available on sites like Yahoo Japan Auctions. You'd need to use a proxy (or agent) to get these which can be pricey. Worse yet, some Japanese sellers do list a few of the posters on eBay, but at double, triple (or even more!) the price found when bought from Japan!

    Funny enough, the wall scrolls never seem to be overpriced. The issue is that they're super-rare items. Last year I was able to help an OSN member find one of these wall scrolls. It was on a site like Gumtree, maybe. I haven't seen one on eBay or Amazon in AGES. All I can say is, good luck, buddy! If it helps, the product codes for the two official wall scrolls are Z197 and Z228. When I bought them almost exactly eleven years ago they cost me $13 and $14 respectively. Nowadays I'd probably expect them to cost around $30-60, if you ever find one.

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