Trolling and Language

When my vision of this community first came to me, I imagined a friendly community for any and every Outlaw Star fan out there to be able to join and have a fun time. It is Outlaw Star Nexus's policy therefore, to maintain a friendly feel within the community. Trolling will be clamped down on—no exceptions. What is trolling? Wikipedia defines a troll as "someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."

There is a difference between controversial chatter and trolling. The former has a purpose and the latter does not. For any "controversial" discussions I suggest you head to Blue Heaven where you can engage in serious debate. Generally speaking, you are the judge of what is appropriate there—just use your head. But if you're unsure of whether your thread is appropriate, send me a message.

Years ago when I created the forum I had a policy on swearing, but I've since learned that very few users are underage. Most people who view this forum are fans of the show who obviously have aged too. So I don't really enforce any rules on swearing anymore so long as you don't overdo it and troll.

Personal Attacks

Under no circumstances will attacks targeted at members be allowed on Outlaw Star Nexus. If you're in a debate you should think of better ways to win an argument than ad hominem attacks. In addition, as further explained in the Inn Toward the Stars forum, don't carelessly attack anybody's journal, though constructive criticism is okay.


If you're going to post any kind of spoiler, be it for anything—Outlaw Star or other anime/TV series, video games, whatever, you must use the spoiler tag. If it's a very minor spoiler this may not be necessary. If the thread title obviously explains it will have spoilers you also don't have to use the tag.


Keep them to the Suggestions, Comments and Complaints forum. However, if your complaint is about a particular post, use the "report" feature or send me a PM. Your input is appreciated.


Obviously, a spam bot is not going to read this, but there is human spam too. If you want to self-promote your website, put it in your forum signature. However, we will not allow you to add any links to shady deals, such as "Get a free iPod!". Non-compliance will result in a warning, or in severe cases, a ban. If you are unsure of whether what you want to advertise is allowed, or your means of doing so, drop me a message.

Everything Else

  • Don't post the same thread in different forums
  • Avoid bumping threads, especially if you were the last poster
  • Try to read the forum names so you post your thread in the right one
  • Absolutely no multiple accounts—we will find out and a ban will be issued. If you have lost your account details, if you're on Twitter send a direct message here and I'll do my best to sort you out
  • Keep your signatures sensible: no rules are fully established yet, but so long as it's not very large it should be okay
  • Also look for rules threads in the individual forums; some forums have their own rules in addition to these, and some do not