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    Outlaw Star Nexus Steam Group

    A small note first: There were two other threads about this and other services (XBL/PSN), but I decided to close them. This is because they're old and disorganised—each game service should have its own thread. Since I no longer use (well, not more than once a month) my Xbox or PlayStation I won't make a XBL or PSN thread yet, but if somebody requests it I'll make it.

    So, years back I made a Steam group which wasn't so popular, but now I'm hoping to change that. Using this website we can compare our games and more easily decide what to play. More importantly, join this group. For easier accessibility I've opened it to the public now. After all, I expect that some group members will be from the Facebook page rather than this forum.

    Join the Steam group here

    Looking at the top six last online group members (not all of them are on the Nexus group yet since I had to create a new one), this is a list of what we can play. (The site is buggy so I hope it will work.) Unfortunately I couldn't add everyone. Consider setting your profile to public since these websites don't work with private profiles. Anyone got any game suggestions? While we can play TF2 some of the time, we can't do it all of the time, can we?
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