Which Outlaw Star Character Are You?

This test will allow you to discover which Outlaw Star character you best compare to, hopefully with a good level of accuracy. Since there are twenty-two results it isn't a short test, but it shouldn't take much more than ten minutes. There are four character tiers: Common, Less Common, Rare and Ultra Rare. Of course, the common results mostly consist of the main characters, whereas rarer results are characters like the Anten Seven.

There is also a gender option at the start of the test. It is recommended that you choose the option for any gender (for accuracy) and if you're not happy at the end you can retake it to match your gender. There's more to do after taking the quiz, so be sure to scroll below once you're finished.

It should go without saying, but take the test honestly and you'll get a more satisfactory result. Answer as your favourite character probably would and you'll likely end up with that character. Simple, huh? Enjoy.


Members of Outlaw Star Nexus are able to display their result in their profile which will display within their posts! It also links to a description so people are able to view the full personality profile. Just go to your profile editor using the "settings" link at the top and look for the option to display a personality icon. You can report any problems by messaging Mantis or posting about it in the suggestions/comments/complaints forum.

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