• What are your perspectives regarding death and life?
  • What are your perspectives regarding death and life?

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    RE: What are your perspectives regarding death and life?

    What do you mean by classified?

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    RE: What are your perspectives regarding death and life?

    Well since now I feel like it... I will clarify what I meant earlier. Everything will be based on experience, scripture and modern day revelation.
    Why are you alive?
    Well, before this life we lived in God's presence, in premortal life (Jeremiah 1:5). God had a perfect physical body of flesh and bone. We did not. We are God's spirit children and we only had spirit bodies (Acts 17:29). God wanted for us to be just as happy as He was and to be like Him. For us to be like Him we needed to have a perfect physical bodies as well. So He engineered the Plan of Salvation. This plan outlines our potential to inherit what God has for us (Moses 1:39 Pearl of Great Price, John 17:3).
    So why am I alive? I choose to be here and follow God and His Son the Christ to return to His presence to be like Him. With happiness, power, glory and all that He has promised man since the foundation of the world.
    Are there any reasons for you to exist? If so what are they?*
    Reasons for me to exist?....I feel this question is a double question and is tied towards fate, or destiny. Am I to accomplish something? Yes. I am to be perfect (or at least striving to be). Other reasons? Well, that I can not say. But I feel I have the ability to accomplish something grand (to be honest whenever I think of something grand I feel I am to be a war hero who brings peace.. but that aint always true).
    I feel I can expand that to fulfilling my roles as a son, brother, uncle, cousin, etc... and a one day future father. So I can participate in having and raising a family... Haha to be honest being mormon, we are taught that families are an institution ordained by God (Family Proclamation http://www.lds.org/family/proclamation/). In so doing, you are using special powers of creating life and I think having posterity is a good reason.
    But aside from that... destiny... someone telling me what I should do and not having a say... well, I choose what I want to do. And each choice comes with a result, or consequence, both positive and negative (Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 2:21& 25, Alma 34:31-35).
    How do you perceive everything around you?
    As a mortal. But I am trying to view things as they really are. Since serving a mission in Sydney, I got to interact with many other people who were different. (ha, totally random, but I remember one day me and my companion were gonna eat some food at this restaurant b/c they had a buffet, and this neat family was walking towards the same restaurant. Turns out they did not like mormons and were some other denomination of Christianity, and in short Bible bashed with us.) sorry for the side track. The individuals I meant were awesome. I got to see how someone from an atheist background who grew up in London thinking God was some unruly tyrant of a deity but in fact God is our Heavenly Father.
    So how do I perceive things?... with an open mind and heart.
    What may become of you after death?
    Well judging how many people are here on the planet and how long there are records... I think my body will decompose and return the earth from whence it came from. But my spirit, or soul, will live on. An prior to Judgment, I (and so will every man, woman, and child) will be resurrected. And than we will get to know which kingdom we are assigned too (Read 1 Corinthians 15: 40-42).
    What is going on?
    .. what do mean? Well, God gave us agency, free will or our ability to choose for ourselves. So Whats going on now in our present condition, we are just living to survive. We are God's spiritual children. We have a divine inheritance. We can accept Christ and obtain what is promised.
    In the end, do good. Do [good] unto others, as ye would have them do unto you.

    you can use this link for the scripture references...
    "The mighty oak tree was once a tiny nut that stood its ground" -

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