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Thread: More, Please!

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    the new laws in Japan put a monkey wrench to it because the main characters are underaged for subject matter of the show.
    Odd- the title characters are apparently old enough to pass as High School students in multiple episodes and might actually be older. I heard slightly different in that the laws that threw a monkey wrench in any further PSG episodes had to do with the dialogue and swearing in both Japanese and 'Engrish'. I believe that Kneesocks is the only main character who gets through the series without swearing either in the original or the dub, and some of the English voice actors said that the studio actually requested that they swear even more in the English dub as a potential teaching aide for slipping in more 'Engrish' cursing for future works (which may have been short circuited by said law).

    Anything more than that most people lose interest after awhile. Bleach is a good axample of being on for too long. After 350+ episodes it got cancelled and yet the manga still goes on.
    Filler episodes are one thing- filler arcs are quite different, aren't they?

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    I really wished Deadman Wonderland would get a sequel
    It needs some serious explanations and I heard the manga is good too. I don't know why they stopped the anime but they shouldn't have done so.

    Another anime that desperately needs a sequel is Shingeki no Kyojin. I know it's coming but I just hope they hurry up with it already. 3 years from the first season is too long.

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    There's a lot of Animes that I love to have a sequel like KAKEGURUI: The Compulsive Gambler; RUROUNI Kenshin, which is a long time favorite; Restaurant to Another World; BERSERK; Lord Marksman and Vanadis, just to name a few. I really hope that Ruroken would have a new season, there's news about Kakegurui having a second season with a release date later this year.

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