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  1. RE: If there were a sequel, what would suck? What would win? (Potential spoilers)

    I think that the anime ended on a good note and should stay that way without a new season. I mean what more would Gene need to do? He got his wish of being in space. He got Melfina. He owes a bunch...
  2. RE: "The Censored Version": Did it add nostagic value or disappointment?

    Censorship and this anime are 2 things that should never meet. To answer your question, I was more so disappointed with how it was censored. From what I can tell, anime takes a lot of work to be...
  3. RE: Obligatory "How did you come about Outlaw Star?"

    I actually learned about Outlaw Star through childhood. Cartoon Network was the name of the broadcast that it appeared on and I remember that it would usually be shown in the late night hours with...
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