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    Selecta-Vision Spanish DVDs

    I like these sets. I think they're special in one big way. Not only does Selecta-Vision distribute video sets. They also dubbed Outlaw Star in Spanish. What's great about these guys is that they dubbed it in 5.1 surround sound. This has allowed me to rip some music from Outlaw Star that beforehand seemed impossible. With new software I'm able to remove voice and sound effects to a good extent. I know that isn't the focus of this thread and I'm going off on a tangent, but attached are two examples anyway.

    Two videos that include the normal English audio:

    Just imagine trying to rip those songs with regular 2.1 audio. (And keep in mind, Loneliness Alternative was the first thing I did. Quite literally, minutes after I got the software, so it's not perfect and I haven't done the end part.)

    There are a few Spanish sets. There's the complete one which I got a few years ago. Rather, it's called the "Integral Edition" which I think it's pretty cool. Better than the US Perfect Collection which ironically in nearly every case is now scuffed to fuck and it's not even as good as the later-released Complete Collection.

    Selecta-Vision Spanish DVDs-i859107235-jpg

    They also released it in your run-of-the-mill several volumes. Got those a couple of years ago. Took this quick photo of an ad for the lot. (They also did VHS tapes that are more or less the same.)

    Selecta-Vision Spanish DVDs-spanishvolumes-jpg

    Recently I noticed that Selecta-Vision did something else which I haven't seen, probably around fifteen years ago. There was this range of anime called "DVD Manga 2". At first glance they look the same as those volumes above. There's only two of them. I'm still waiting for the first volume but I already got the second. It's really thin. Aside from size (and the logo you see below) the first difference I noticed is that the back cover is completely different.

    Front cover:

    Selecta-Vision Spanish DVDs-uyyadbo-png

    So, this range is Selecta-Vision's attempt to tempt people to buying full DVD sets or the commercial volumes. In other words, they gave away (as far as I know) about (a little less) half of dozens of anime series, free of charge. So I was thinking, if I had got ten episodes (two volumes) of Outlaw Star, what's stopping me from just getting the other three volumes, thus getting it all cheaper? The discs look the same.

    I compared expecting these discs to be identical copies. Nearly all of the extra features are missing. I'd like to find out the other changes when I have the time.

    I know it's not the most interesting thread, but I'm wondering if any American companies have done something like this before. I can't remember anything like this in the UK.
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    Hmmmmm....I wouldn't say that it's exactly the same, but they did used to give out DVDs to promote Western cartoons here. They might contain a few episodes or even an original episode. There was this programming block much like Toonami on the Fox channel called the Fox Box who created (or had created for them) crossover episodes of the cartoons/anime they were running. You ever wanted to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Yu-gi-oh, and Sonic the Hedgehog talking to each other?

    This is off topic of your question, but while searching for info about the Fox Box I was reminded of the Sci Fi channel which had a far lesser-known and WAY under-appreciated anime block as well. In fact, they had 2 that I know of: Saturday Anime in the 1990's and Ani-Monday in the late 00's. You NEVER hear about these, but they aired tons of shit and I'm so mad that I only ever caught one show just as it was going off the air. All those years of wasted potential...and they aired good stuff too. It was the classy alternative to Adult Swim's edgyness & Toonami's kid-friendly image.
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