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    9. Love and pain

    The next morning, Murasaki accidentally-on-purpose poured a pail of cold water on the sleeping Kres. He jerked out of bed ready to file a fluently articulated complaint. He was just beginning to let out accusation after accusation when he caught sight of an immaculate Murasaki smiling at him. Words suddenly dried up on his lips and that is how he stopped talking. She ushered him to move to the living room, as wet as he was. He did not object even a little bit.
    A half-full bowl of sukiyaki was waiting for him in the living room. He had just started to complain that it was too little when she chuckled a little before sitting to watch him eat. His morning had definitely gotten off to a slow start. Spectre and Hyaku had taken note of how Murasaki always seemed to e defensive when it came to Kres and anything to do with him. They were very vigilant and always watching the two.
    Out of nowhere, Murasaki lunged at Kres. The poor boy noticed the swords coming directly towards his face and ducked before crawling under the table. He flipped over and rose.
    Kres: What is wrong with you? You could have killed me!
    Murasaki: That’s the point.
    Kres thought he had misheard her statement and started brushing off false dust from his garments. A metallic blow caught him on the chin. She had hit him with the side of her sword leaving him writhing in pain. Hyaku and Spectre came closer to watch the battle that was brewing now. Kres was very angry. Kres’ odds were not looking very promising because he had no weapon. He closed his eyes, just as he had seen his father do when they were attacked by the ninja, and with a little focus, the Ninjacyde levitated to his left hand just in time to block the attack from Murasaki’s short hand swords. He felt a rush of warmth and his eyes glowed. Murasaki knew that this training had turned into a beat-down for her just like that.
    Beating the Ninjacyde would be next to impossible but that did not stop her from trying. It was during times like this when golden ideas usually crossed her mind. After one hit her, she smiled and a few seconds later decided to launch her favourite attack. Purple straps of cloth shot from the back of her hands and propelled towards his sword. The sword-influenced Kres just looked blankly before leaping forward and grabbing them in mid-air. He pulled hard and a scared Murasaki was now moving fast towards him. His plan was to meet her halfway and knock her out but even in his darkest moment he still held back. Instead he braced himself for the impact and cushioned her approach. He found himself staring deep in her eyes momentarily tilting his head about.
    Hyaku: Woh! Woh! Woh! Back off! This was supposed to be a fight, what are you going to do? Stare her to death?
    The sarcasm hit Kres like a blow, making him grimace. By this time his darkness has quelled and the glow in his eyes was gone.
    Murasaki: Leave him alone Hyaku!
    Hyaku: Poor Kres, always being protected by a girl. I’m beginning to think you two are getting too close, you like him don’t you Murasaki? Answer me!
    Murasaki: So what if I like him huh?
    Hyaku: So you are admitting you do like him?
    Murasaki: I didn’t say that.
    Hyaku: Ha-ha, I thought so.
    Hyaku hated the idea of his sister getting close with any boy. It was really not his fault though.
    Kres could not stand hearing them talk about him like he wasn’t there, so he decided to not be there. He got up and zoomed of to look for a quiet spot. He had never felt anything like this. It was a different kind of pain. It was heartbreak, his first.
    Murasaki: I hope you are happy now Hyaku! Kres, please come back!
    She hurried off after him not knowing what she could say to him even if he stopped to listen.

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    This is wonderful stuff. You really are very talented. I think this is going to be a regular stop for me from now on. Have you given any thought to getting this stuff out there somehow? I think you'll find that you have even more fans than us here on this site.

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