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    Aesthetically speaking, who is the most attractive character?

    I don't mean this in a sexual way or anything just how they are drawn, the details, clothing, ect. which one is pleasing to look at as a form of art out of all the characters in Outlaw Star?

    For me I have to say it is Aisha Clanclan because of her "beast power". I am a sucker for cats, specially tigers so this fits the bill. Her transformation looks pretty cool as well. As her human-like self she has clear cat-like characteristics which is a win-win for me. I love the bell she wears and all the lesser details that make her unique from other characters.

    ** Cat like features stand out a lot here lol **

    ** Beast Power **

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    Since you already said Aisha, I'll skip her (but I totally agree, especially because she's brawny and fierce, got some toned biceps, not the cutesy dime-a-dozen catgirls u see nowadays).

    I like Gene's design. Always found his red hair striking, and the whole, idk, space poncho/duster thing he's got goin' on, loved how futuristic and old-school Western he managed to look (many other series have tried that sort of balance, but failed, proof it's no easy feat).

    I adore all the OS designs in a way, but another honorable mention from me would be Leilong. Speaking of Gene's aesthetic, his design is also a great blend of ancient and modern (although more 'Eastern' than from the West). I find his color palette aesthetically pleasing, and his wide assortment of weapons all packed on his back...dude's a walking weapons caravan.

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    If we're talking about "aesthetically pleasing" characters in a broader sense, I feel the need to factor in the original character intentions; i.e. the designs produced by the manga's creator, Takehiko Ito. As much as I love Shimi, I'm not even up to the point in my translation to say whether the Anten Seven are a part of the manga, but to my knowledge they are not. While they're a very good part of the Outlaw Star anime's plot, I'm going to focus on accuracy in the adaptation, which is often presented aesthetically.

    That goes against what I usually say. I consider an adaptation a separate universe from an original manga. Nevertheless though, I like it when a character's presentation is accurate to the source material. For that reason I'd probably go with Gene Starwind. In both works he's a lovable sleazebag. On the other hand, while I really like Jim Hawking's anime personality he's far more assertive in the manga. In the manga he often shows menacing scowls, while in the anime he's often more baby-faced if you know what I mean. I think they were spot on with Gene's look. To compare (showing my rudimentary draft translation at the left):

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    Gene has a way of presenting himself that I almost never see in other anime or manga. You'll be hard-pressed to find a similar character. His apparel is also very iconic. Once again Outlaw Star makes use of the primary colours in Gene's hair, gloves and coat. If you ask me, a large range of colours = hope, destiny and dreams, but I know I'm being overly sentimental. The two other main characters also follow this standard, with Jim being yellow and Melfina being blue, but Gene has it all. He also carries the most recognisable item (perhaps behind the XGP) in the anime: the caster gun.

    I love Suzuka and Aisha, but you've gotta admit, Suzuka is pretty generic in design. It's why they had to add a more interesting (albeit small) backstory to the anime adaptation. I know a lot of people adore Aisha but she does have the loudmouth personality that many other catgirls seem to.

    In the end it's gonna be Gene. Though, funnily enough (and contrary to my original point), the theme of hope and dreams wasn't half as much of a thing in the original manga.
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