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    Normally, time travel and interfering with the past or future comes with a heavy price. It's actually called the butterfly effect - alter one thing in the timeline and have a lot of things spin out of control. But if there is no repercussions of twisting the timeline, then I would probably go back in time and prevent my father from getting betrayed by his best friend which cost him all his wealth and almost his. He was even sent to prison but fortunately for him the truth was later revealed after he must have spent 6 months in maximum security prison.

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    Nice point, then I would opt to go forward in time about 1000 years in the future where I could be famous as a living fossil . Seriously seeing the future would be fascinating, I'll easily be famous and rich as the sole human to travel 1000 years to the future.

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    Be a good one would be mothman, to see what people were seeing was a mothman or just some orginary animal or being.

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    Ancient Egypt sounds about right. I would really like to see who built the pyramids. I would really love to put this mystery of Pharaohs and gods to bed once and for all.

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    I had an amusing lucid dream last night that featured time travel. Fortunately I didn't run into this problem...

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    That's because my time machine was small and round. I can't find anything similar, except this...

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    Imagine it with a basic screen in the centre and non-gaming buttons at the left and right and you have something close.

    Anyway, at first I played around with it and figured I'd go forward a year to find out how my future surgery turns out. If I end up dying or becoming a vegetable (small chance, but worth knowing!) I'd rather not go ahead with it. It's hard to remember a lot of it as I went to many places, also taking a few batteries with me for obvious reasons. I remember having an interest in finding out the earliest time Earth had a breathable atmosphere. There was plenty of life. Of course, we need CO2/O2 to live. While interesting, the early years of Earth were a no-go. I didn't have some kind of space suit. (Whatever you'd call it.)

    Now I want to watch some time travel films or TV shows. Maybe this was inspired by Chrono Trigger, which I'm currently playing through.

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    Gene: "Have faith in me guys, enjoy the ride—you're in good hands. I can handle this. I can do it!"
    Jim: "How do you know?"
    Gene: "I don't!"
    Jim: "I knew it."
    Gene: "That's okay. There's a first time for everything!"

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