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    Does your family keep up with holiday traditions?

    I am not sure if I had asked this here before or not. I was just thinking about it like I do every year and I noticed my family doesn't really do much anymore. Like all the traditions I grew up with have came and went. I guess this is because I am at the point of not having kids of my own and my grandparents having passed away.

    Does your family still do traditions like when you were younger or have things changed?

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    My family does not. But I don't think nearly as many families do nowadays. I know I mentioned this before, but the amount of hand-holding that kids are subjected to over Halloween nowadays is ludicrous. Also more general traditions don't seem to happen anymore amongst my family. I know I'm digressing, but years ago my family stopped eating dinner together. It's either taking food away to eat in a different room or just using a smartphone while eating. That's pretty much the norm now.

    I loved all days leading up to Christmas as a kid. I just went out with my friends and our parents didn't give a fuck. That would be seen as bad parenting nowadays but we were just having fun. I remember that every Christmas (for a few years anyway) there was a man who was known around the neighbourhood to offer free sweets to all the kids in his motorised lit-up sleigh. He was a really nice Santa and it clearly made him happy. Now, in this day and age people would immediately call him a paedophile or something like that, so you'd never see a Santa like him nowadays.

    This is why I'm glad I spent my childhood enjoying trick-or-treating, playing outside with friends at Christmas, and most importantly enjoying the best of the golden age of gaming.
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    To be quite honest I can't recall my family being together for very many holidays. My brothers/sisters are much older, so I was left alone with Mom from age 9 til I finished high school. Occasionally my brothers/sisters and I would meet at mom's place for dinner, but that stopped altogether probably about 6 or 7 years ago. It sucks I guess, but never really had much to compare it to.

    I agree with Mantis though; it was the golden age of gaming back then. I can't stand console gaming anymore; the hour-long updates, the DLC I have to PAY for cause $60 of my hard-earned cash doesn't buy a full game anymore, the 'oh, your season pass doesn't cover this expansion, you needed to have bought the 'annual pass'...'
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