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    Playing Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition.
    I'm so damn happy this game came out again. I'm on a third total play through, and nearly done with that lol<--My friend's Twitch channel (I'm usually there with other friends)

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    You're all playing a lot of games. At the moment I'm playing Town of Salem a fair bit. This hasn't been going on for long but it's really addictive and has unique gameplay, which is more than I can say about nearly any other game nowadays.

    Speaking of games to be happy about getting a re-release, in just over a week the Phoenix Wright trilogy is coming to Steam, and other platforms too. Those were possibly my favourite games on the Nintendo DS.
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    There's been a few I've been playing.

    I've been replaying the original Quake...but not just any ordinary Quake but a mod called Quake 1.5 which gives the weapons a facelift, add in some new death animations, enemy variants as well as some other tweaks. It's funny because as much of an old-school FPS fan as I am, I wasn't really huge on Quake. I loved playing Quake 2 but I never played the original as much. Still, it's fun to play especially with the the mod and it's fun to see the new death animations when you use the double barrel on some poor sod.

    I've also playing the Resident Evil 2 remake. I was quite skeptical of it since RE2 is one of my all time favorite games so I wasn't quite sure if it'll live up to the original. The verdict's good. Pretty damn good as a matter of fact. It's gameplay harkens back to the original where you have to figure out if it's worth fighting or if it's best to run away to save your precious ammo. It's probably even more so here since zombies take a crap ton of ammo to kill so your best bet is to either blow their leg off or critical hit their head so they can fall down which will give you some time to run past them. And don't get me started on the lickers. There are somethings that I feel hold it back from being great or better than the original. The game does the Doom 3 school of "let's make everything dark as shit". There some areas that do some cool lighting and use of shadows that are effective but I feel that it pales in comparison to something like, say, the RE1 remake. The soundtrack, what there is of it, is pretty lackluster too. It mainly uses silence and when the music does kick in, it's rather forgettable. This is disappointing to me since I felt the soundtrack to the original was fantastic. There's a few standouts like the remix of the music in the main hall of the police station (It kind of reminds me of something that Health would've made) but beyond that, the music is lackluster. Also there is Mr. X who I didn't find scary at all. He was more of an annoyance then someone that I felt intimidated by. He constantly follows you until certain points in the game and when you do deal with him, he's actually not that hard to avoid. Whenever he showed up, I didn't react with panic but rather "Oh fuck off, man.". I wish they did something interesting with him like with Nemesis in RE3 where you could make the choice to either fight him and have the potential to get a cool item or to run off. There is nothing like that here. It just kind of just feels like a rehash of the encounters with the bakers in RE7. There's other things I could complain about but I don't want to make the game sound worse than it actually is because, when it clicks, it really clicks. I would even say that going forward, I'd rather have Capcom take a page from this game for future RE games rather than RE7 because it, at least for the most part, is closer to the OG RE games.

    Speaking of Capcom games, I got around to playing the Devil May Cry 5 demo and I love the shit out of it. They made Nero a lot better with the devil breakers (Robot arms that give Nero different attacks depending on which one you have equipped) giving him a variety that he lacked in DMC 4. Aside from that, it's classic DMC combat where you just have to be as stylish as possible while kicking all sorts of ass. I've been hyped for DMC5 for quite sometime and if the demo is of any indication, than the full game is going live up to the hype. I can't wait to play the full version so I can finally play as Dante again.

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