• Chat Room: It's Back!
  • Chat Room: It's Back!

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    Chat Room: It's Back!

    Yep, the chat room's back and now we're using IRC! This has absolutely no impact on the server, and thus, you won't be experiencing any lag like the old chat room and chats will be nice and smooth. Check out the chat applet with the new link above. It's a wise idea to register your nicknames on IRC as soon as possible. Instructions are on the page.

    A lot of this wouldn't be possible without the assistance of Louis who is very knowledgeable about programming. He sorted out the counter for identifying how many members are online in the chat room, and he also created FailBot; a bot that you will see in the channel. FailBot has a number of commands that are very cool. I will create a guide on it sometime. So, thanks again to Louis! Top man.

    In any case, enjoy the new chat room, and come and say hello. Although most of you will be content with using the web applet, you can access the channel with an IRC client, be it mIRC or one for your phone, or many other devices.

    Goodness gracious me. It's gone 7.15AM. Yeah, I'd better go to bed. I'm glad it's sorted out...

    p.s. Try to close the channel before quitting IRC. For the time being this works better for the member counter. You can do this with the applet by clicking the little "x" next to #outlawstaruk.

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    RE: Chat Room: It's Back!

    That's what I want to hear xD

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