The chat room is at last fully implemented. You may access it via the forums. Do keep in mind you'll need a forum account for this. I've also added an achievement system, so for racking up posts, gaining wong and doing other things you can gain achievements. I've made another change too, which is to how these posts are published on the forum automatically. This worked well, but any HTML did not display.

I've now installed a plugin that will handle the HTML side of things. So, here's hoping! If it has worked, then this caster gun should show up in the forum post, too!

Geekery aside, I hope those of you who are using this forum (not many) at this stage are enjoying your stay. By the end of the week, I hope to have informed a lot of Outlaw Star fans about the site. Despite the URL, this site doesn't exactly show up at the top of Google. Getting the word out is tough, but if you know any Outlaw Star fans (or potential fans who like anime), feel free to invite them. If they specify you as the referrer when they sign up, they get a big wong bonus.

See you soon!