• Major Upgrade Complete (Well, Nearly)
  • Major Upgrade Complete (Well, Nearly)

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    Major Upgrade Complete (Well, Nearly)

    I have almost completed a major upgrade to the forum. I've performed the upgrade, but it was a process that wouldn't guarantee full functionality afterwards. In any case, I've created a bug report thread which you're free to post in if you spot anything odd. I'm already aware of a few of them and I'll be ironing them out tomorrow, probably. *Of course, the forum is now open again, and I've added a couple of cool new features.

    • Game arcade with three games, and I'll probably be adding two every week (you need to be registered for this and other features)

    • Lottery for the wong system—you can buy tickets which will add to the pot, and a winner will be chosen every month

    The games I've added to the arcade are pretty simple, but I'll be adding some better ones soon enough. You'll need to pay a little wong to play them, but you'll earn that wong back if you earn a high score. (A high score of your own, that is, not everybody.) I'll soon add a big reward for those who become a champion of a game with the highest score. The arcade can be accessed at the top when you're logged in. As with the bank system, the lottery can be accessed via the "Inventory" link.

    Oh, I also added a simple Outlaw Star trivia to the registration page to stop spambots. They're not so clued up on Outlaw Star's universe, so that should keep them locked out. Finally, to test a plugin was ported over again, I'm going to randomly insert an Outlaw Star image here:

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    RE: Major Upgrade Complete (Well, Nearly)

    NEW CONSTRUCTION OPTI-... oh, that was something else.

    Good stuff.

    (This is what I have been saving up thousands of Wong for.)
    "It turned out that the ghost was just Mr. Finley, who ran the amusement park. The spooky part is that, as soon as the ghost appeared, the teenagers' dog began to speak! And it spoke in a tortured parody of human speech: 'relp me, Raggy,' it would say. 'I am an abomination and rould re rilled. Rill re, Raggy.'"

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    RE: Major Upgrade Complete (Well, Nearly)

    Great to see!
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