At last, Outlaw Star UK is back. Iíve made a lot of changes, including the addition of an image gallery, a wiki, a new forum look, and shortly a chat room. The main siteís appearance has not changed, but I have reset it, clearing all previous posts. This is a fresh start for the site, which previously never really took off. Itís my hope that Outlaw Star fans on Facebook, YouTube and those using Google will find this community, and help make it just thatóa real community.

I have received criticism, actually. Iíve been told before that Outlaw Star UK would go nowhere because itís an anime thatís over ten years old. Fair point, but I believe old and new Outlaw Star fans alike will find this community to not just be based on the anime, but see Outlaw Star as something that will bring us together. A framework, one might say, or leverage. This will be a place to make new friends and discuss many topics. Check out the forums and consider registering.

Without further ado, hereís what you should know about the updated site:

  • Gallery and wiki added
  • These, the forum and Outlaw Star UKís Facebook page can be navigated to at the top
  • The gallery is maintained by myself, but you can send any submissions to the e-mail address specified
  • The wiki is currently locked, since itís very incomplete, but once properly configured will be opened for editingócontributions greatly appreciated
  • The forum has a money system (wong, like in Outlaw Star) which you earn through contributing, and you can buy props from Outlaw Star and other items
  • There arenít many items yet, but more coming all the time
  • Change the forum theme at the bottom of the page
  • Iíll be adding a games arcade very soon, and implementing the chat system fully :-)

Thanks for reading. Please spread the word. Creating a community is tough and not a one-man job. I hope to see you on the forums!