I've decided to keep things a bit simpler here at OSN. Unfortunately the community isn't active enough to warrant keeping a few of the old features running, but that's okay. The calendar is no longer available which was only really useful back when OSN had a Facebook page. I've also closed the Outlaw Store and the Outlaw Bazaar which were accessible from the top bar. I posted various Outlaw Star listings from sites like eBay and Amazon at the Outlaw Store but they rarely received clicks. The Outlaw Bazaar was more of a personal project where I'd post discounted art books and other merchandise, but it never took off. If you want merchandise like this I recommend Yahoo Japan, or you'll find some at Mandarake which also ships internationally.

The "Personality Test" is being ported over to a new service due to changes in the original service's policies and their removal of a free option. The changes should be more or less unnoticeable.

Finally, if anybody's interested I may offer a temporary moderator position while I'm on holiday from the 5th of next month until around the 17th. Moderation will probably not be needed but just in case it is a moderator would be useful.