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Thread: Street soccer

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    Street soccer

    I used to play this a lot in my teenage years...good times.

    We would basically play in an empty basketball court and set up some improvised goals or in some rare instances, use portable soccer goals if they were available.

    There was also this one court in particular that was the closest thing to FIFA Street in terms of the crazy stuff that went on in there, my "team" wasn't that good so we'd be eliminated in a few minutes lol but still had a blast as it was literally everything goes in there with the exception of unreasonable physical attacks.

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    RE: Street soccer

    I've never been much of a sporty guy, but every so often as a young teenager I did play football in a small state-funded court which was often available to use. It was good fun, even if I was slightly clumsy. Certainly a nice intermission between playing "manhunt". As a child I actually loved football, which would surprise the majority of people I know. I was a big Manchester United fan and collected many sticker books, various other merchandise, and had bed sheets, lamp shades, and some other items themed around Manchester United.

    It didn't take long when I was a teenager to lose interest in sports in general. The other guys at school were much more athletic than me. Back then, I was the skinniest kid in school. I lost any passion I had, and that passion was transferred to technology. Whilst I wish I'd have taken a bigger interest in being active as I'd be in better shape right now, I have no regrets about losing interest in football and I detest football hooligans. Looking back, I wish I had chosen an interest in basketball instead since I loved seeing the Manchester Giants play, back in the day.

    Anyway, with regard to street football, I never played it too competitively and only with a few friends, so it was never anything major. Still, sometimes I wish I could go back to being that kid again.

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